What if we had virtual airport teams?

What if we had a virtual airport team, kind of like a virtual airline, but you run an airport. You could volunteer for ATC, you could manage events going on and out of it, make events, etc. Just a minor thought.


Sounds like a good fun idea


Would be very cool. Sort of falls under the VO side of VAs, but good idea nevertheless.


For some reason I could see people going too far with these and get triggered when someone lands a Emirates A380 at their airport. lol


I don’t understand what you mean.

I like it, personally I would like to run all of South Florida and the Caribbean.


That is a lot of airports!

Why do I feel like we should start something?

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Aslong as you attract more airlines into TNCM 😉


So have people that are in charge of airports in an area. I like the idea, but it might be better for a VA, rather than all of IF. Each hub could have a person in charge.


Maybe I kind of like where you’re going, but I wanted to make anything separate but still somewhat similar. However I do like the way you are going with that.


Honestly this sounds like a great idea. I think formalities should be thought up and then maybe presented to FDS? I can’t wait to see if this goes anywhere!

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Some of us already do…


Ok, so, to everyone who thinks this is a good idea, so do I. Instead of trying to get a new sort of VO to be created, I suggest we do one of three things:

  • Start a VO that allows people to do this
  • Start it and see what sort of interest people have
  • Or, do what @Taco said and come up with the formalities and present the idea to FDS and get make it official.

And for the record, I would definitely be interested in helping if this becomes a thing.


I agree! Can I own KBWI? Hey @KPIT, what airport is yours😂

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It’s an interesting idea for sure! Perhaps VA’s could manage their hub, e.g FexEx virtual would manage KMEM. Just an idea! Overall sounds like it has potential!


This could throw a whole new twist into how VAs and VOs operate. Gates being books, time slots for take offs and arrivals, maintenance bays, it would open up the administration world of operating an airline and ensuring everything is happening smoothly.

On the Flip side, this would also open up the chance for those that don’t want to run airlines or fly all the time, to some serious administration skills.

I would come up with your plan, get it ready to be opened as a VO and then take it to FDS when everything is complete and you have a project that has been aided by direct input from the community.
Best of Luck, till next time,


However you would also have to consider the fact that a vast majority of airports in IF are very quiet compared to their real life counterparts.


This idea could and has the potential to fix that, if developed properly.

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I think that this does have the power to redistribute where the traffic flows, especially on TS1. If lets say 4 people operated one airport and people who operated airports were required to keep that airport open for a certain amount of time per week, then not everyone would be flying to the popular destinations such as KLAX or EGGL. Instead people would choose to fly to the airport that is open at the time, smaller airports such as KSJC. If regulated correctly there could be rules about how many times a day they are open and airports close to each other could coordinate schedules, to make sure everybody gets some traffic.

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