What if we had a computer version of Infinite Flight?

If we had a computer version of Infinite Flight, would it be compatible with mobile, what would you think, do you think we should have this? Or do you think it will come? I’m not saying we should have this, but I was curious on what you would think.

Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary, but it’d be nice to have. My computer can’t even run FSX due to Windows 10 and it can’t run XPlane due to the high requirements. (My computer is literally an office computer with a touchscreen.)


I know Laura does have one , hence why her landing are always on point !

There’s a poll for this :)


This is useless, because no one knows.


I use APPR if I’m desperate to be 100% centred with runway, other than that my landings are almost never 100% centred