What IF update made the game better or worse?

Personally I don’t have a worst. And for better…? 3D airports for sureee :)

What are your opinions?

The addition of ground services was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the new services are amazing. On the other hand, we lost the ability to control the doors on the aircraft, which sucks.


The one when they didn’t add a DC-9

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Yeah I miss doing that


I wanna hear more people’s opinions.

I liked the new Challenger 350 update, but it doesn’t have a long range at all. Personally, I would LOVE it if they added a long range private jet. I know it’s not as easy as building one and coding it, but they have to get the manufacturers permission.

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I think the Global 6000 would be neat to see in game.

YESSS fasho

The A330-900neo has got to be one of the updates ever 100 percent

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Everyone is forgetting about Global

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Global made the game better and worse in some ways. For example, they removed the aircraft light reflections and realistic water. But I think global was worth it still

Just an FYI, with realistic water, you wouldn’t be able to get shots like these.

Essentially the whole globe’s water would be the same colour…

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Yeah good point

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