What if there was an Aeromexico va

What would you do would you join it or no?

Well it shut down most likely due to it being quite in the V/A you could try the test the waters if you are thinking of setting it up again.

It’s not that im saying if it was a thing

There was an Aeromexico VA once and it was, rightfully, very popular. Unfortunately, they shut down. I’m sure that if a new Aeromexico VA were ran near as well as the previous one, many people would be happy to join.

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AeroMexico is cool so it surely would be cool

Only problem is that we only have 2 AMX planes in IF (1 which AMX does not operate anymore), out of the 7 different liveries they have in real life atm.

There Was An Aeromexico VA and Idk Why they shut down, but I truly Know that one day there will be one for an Incredible Organization!! πŸ™‚

if i still played IF i would have considered joining, i love aeromexico and the regions they fly to

i would definitely join 😎

I’m awaiting the new Aeromexico VA πŸ‘€

how do you know???

hint: there is one coming shortly me and my team are making it rn πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

I have connections 😏😏

is it Cooper?

Make one and you’ll know the answer (: