What If The 737 MAX Was A Residential Complex Tower?

this honestly got me laughing for a good minute😂

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1 737 MAX: Beautiful

200 737 MAX’s melded together:


That TWA and AA chrome 737 max though


Ya, I was about to mention that, when you accidentally use the wrong livery,

Rest of the civilized world: cool design…

Avgeeks: significant changes will be required…


Well that was an interesting topic to say the least…

Well, I hate throwing usable things… and I would not fly those aircrafts, so a cool idea! Like container housing taken to another (flight) level.

Finally the Max being put to good use

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Good use of those aircraft. So when you buy the thing I guess they give a safety demonstration and show you where the emergency exits are.

BREAKING NEWS: The Max tower has collapsed from the cause of MCAS


This is, interesting, to say the least. I don’t really think it’s going to happen though…

what if they fell apart?

That is hilarious, but totally sad… the max is a beautiful plane! It’s horrible that it is coming to an end like this… all because Boeing our profit before safety and cut to many corners. So sad to see these beauties sitting idle.

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reduce reuse recycle

Why is everyone shooting down this concept? Although it isn’t the most attractive, it’s a very innovative idea that could be incredibly helpful. Imagine looking out over the city from the flight deck of a 737? Your dinner table is in the middle of the aisle!

Not saying this is ever going to happen… I agree it’s quite ugly.

Although it isn’t that attractive, I’d say it’s better than letting them sit around doing nothing.

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Probably because most of those people are 737MAX fanboys that would rather see this hideous piece of machinery crashing more often rather than being put to the good use of providing shelter for many.

Sure the building isn’t beautiful, but hey, it’s functional. Plus this is the one chance a 737MAX serves a worthy purpose rather than more crashing and burning, or causing Boeing to hemorrhage money.

I would feel for those poor planes, but honestly, I wouldn’t even leave that building if I were to live in it.

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I would be in absolute paradise if I could live there! 10/10 concept.

The plane size shown makes it look like there making this out of 777s, you definitely can’t fit two comfortable stories in a 737 😂

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Also where do I put my credit card info to buy it.

I don’t feel like that would be structurally sound… really interesting idea though. I don’t think the designers new much about planes, considering that AA old livery nose sticking out lol

Where would it be located? Seattle?