What IF-Related apps do you want to see?

A “mirror” app ! For example if I decide to make a flight from Dubai to Los Angeles >14h flight. I can start the flight early in the morning and then when I’m at school during a break I can see and controls all the basic features of my flight such as HDG/Altitude etc… Then it’ll be fun if I can create some conditions, for example ‘if’ turbulences = switch on seat belt sign.

We can think about many others conditions !

That’s a great idea but I don’t think it would be feasible to do for free, as for that you would need a web server to relay info from the app, to the host app which then hosts to the app.


An app to make a flight plan like PFPX does, would be a nice add-on cause it’ll calculate the fuel amounts and make flight plans which will make it a bit more realistic.

A app where you can get charts and Calculate take off speeds

IF Charts for charts, and there’s plenty of V Speed calculators on the internet.

You can also get ramp and layout charts in Preflight IF and LiveFlight. I’m using LF charts for the “Preflight” app, but if testing is successful there may be some real-world ones as well. Just depends on data reliability.

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Or one can just save the time and effort from creating another app just for that purpose and add to what we already have.

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I’ll be the first one to buy it !

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I was thinking of a app that allows you to verbally communicate with other pilots. If that doesn’t work than do one where you can be a passenger on a IF flight for fun.

Just get zello ,zello is like a walkie talkie and let’s you tune into different frequencies. It is available on the AppStore. Or ,alternatively, you could just join IFSIM.

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Thanks for the commendation, but outdated thread :) The Infinite Flight Simulation Network (IFSIM) That one has the outdated website, discord link and info but we appreciate that still.

Please don’t use this as an advertising thread. @Wren_Jago included.

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I am in no way affiliated with either IFSIM or Zello, I was simply answering a question. I suggest you read the rest of your thread to see many other apps being bought up. If you feel that strongly about it, I suggest you flag it as off-topic next time , instead of attempting to start an argument ;)

Back on topic - if you wish to discuss further, send me a PM!


I’m not one to especulate or “wish” so like you I just wanted to share existing tools that are always improving my experience

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It would be interesting seeing @mrpidgeon make a app.

In what way? Is this meant to contribute something or are you just holding a grudge against me?

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what we’re making ;)

Now thati think about it… You can just google the aircraft range

lol that’s what i said


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