What if: Lufthansa B777-300ER

Nice photoshop of how could the 77W look with Lufthansa’s livery.

Link to the image.


I don’t mind it, it’s nice…

Lufthansa doesn’t own any Boeing 777-300ER nor does have any on order, this is just an illustration .

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Yes I have always thought that, they should get one though it looks amazing!

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Its a very well done illustration then, except for the tail, which when zoomed painfully shows its been photoshopped.

LH Cargo has the 77F!


But sadly Lufthansa doesn’t have the 77W.

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What a wonderful thing!

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Lufthansa’s livery fits every aicraft available.

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Pretty much.

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If it was real, the reg would be D-AB…

And the name “Frankfurt” is already given to the A380 :)

Anyways, I’m looking forward to see their livery on the 777-9X

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I’m wondering why Lufthansa don’t have a B777, The livery perfectly fits on there

They have the Boeing 777-9 on order

Glad that they will have it :)

Just a little constructive criticism: The Lufthansa title is just stuck there and not curved with the aircraft 😊

Its not mine. I hadn´t noticed that the logo wasn´t curved.

Oh ok then @Sturmovik

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The registration on it seems to belong to a Airbus A310 previously operated by Lufthansa

It was from that A310 yes.

LH group own 777-300ERs through its wholly owned subsidiary Swiss International Airlines.

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