What if infinite flight was a real airline?

I’ve been asking this question to myself for a long time, and I wonder what the Fa clothes would like, what special liveries would look like, what destinations? Low cost? Or high cost? Luxury, or simple. I need help with this. I’m not sure.


IF is a simulator…
If you look at for example the TBM-930 dark livery may be what the real world airline may look like.

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Misha will poison every plane with unicorns or G-MISH (like he did with the Cessna Plane). Just saying :)

Back to seriousness, It would be hard to see, since is a simulator


“So, where would you like to go?”



I would love to fly an A350 from Kai Tak to London Luton for 9 euros.


As long as you have a pro sub, you can go on any flight. 😂


Realistically, Since IF is based in San Francisco, I Think their main hub would be SJC, so they would have little competition against united.

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Here’s a real question, will we be able to fly to mishas house in Scotland or whatever

unless we fly to Glasgow.

It is? I didn’t know. 😂


well uh…


Should’ve went to jfk with little competition for United

Badum tss

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Where is the N1TG?

it got re-registered as “B-RUH” from as i heard.

G-SWRD or G-SWORD, lol I feel like infinite flight would come up with good registrations

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Well, they might recruit me, would be cool… but dangerous😉

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Low cost probably. This is on of the Best chances to earn revenue If they open hubs in places like New York-LGA, Chicago-MDW, Everett, John Wayne and Etc.

US or Europe. Easy

Well… paying 79.99999 Dollars on a 1 year subscription… It can be an ultra low cost

It will have 5 unicorns with the registration of G-MISH, then a logo from Tyler, some chocolate from Marc, some nice X-Cubs from Laura and DeerCrusher… and terrible jokes from JoshFly8. Aso… the marketing place from Jason :)


And Jason-

You just be Canadian- we have no plans for him- sorry

i guess im the only one take this seriously.