What If: IF & Real world Edition

I though this would be fun since we have would you rahter but this one WHAT IF

What if your flight delay for 8 hours what would you do?

  • Book a new flight
  • go complain to an airline
  • wait 8 hours
  • tour an airport
  • others comment beloww

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What if Delta, United and American merged together to create a super airline, what would the name be?

  • American
  • Delta
  • United
  • Other (Comment below)

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Basically the same thing.

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I’d rather check your spelling 😉.

I’m a guy fascinated by architecture. I love walking around cities, and exploring airports combining all 3 things I absolutely love (transport, geography, and architecture).


Same. I’d love to tour a bigger airport than KGJT.

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We have enough of what if / whats your favorite / etc type topics going at the moment. Lets stick with those for now.