What if I failed the Application?

What happens if on a VA I failed the application.


It depends on the VA. You would have to check their respective threads to find out.


Then you can redo the test for sometime and for others you can redo the test instantly

@Rodrigo_Villalobos MaxSez:

Rodrego… MaxSez; No es gran cosa. Los Virtuals de Vuelo Infinito son diez centavos por docena. Te están haciendo que no los necesites si te rechazan. Pide un Probador Español, una aplicación en español. Si te negaron por razones de idioma, denúncialos a FDS como discriminatorios. tienda alrededor, la lista de VA está disponible en Tutoriales o Búsqueda de Foros.


Rodrego… MaxSez; It’s no big deal. Infinite Flight Virtuals are ten cents per dozen. They’re making you sweat, you don’t need them if they reject you. Order a Spanish Tester, an application in Spanish. If you were denied on the basis of language, report them to FDS as discriminatory. A VA list is available in Tutorials or Forum Search.


Are you talking about Qantas virtual? If so please PM me since I am a Captain for Qantas virtual. Also if it’s the case, you cannot say you are part of a VA until you are completely accepted into the VA.

Hi there,

If your VA application is denied, do not worry. Sometimes VAs have super high expectations from their applications such as in game stats and more. There are so many virtual airlines and organizations to choose from, so I suggest applying to a few other airlines and see if you can get accepted there.


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