What if I can't post in Live:Events category?

I want to make a event post about VTAC in Live:Events categories, but it seems my forum member level isn’t sufficient for posting in Live:Events. Should I just wait for me to get promoted or is there some other way for me to do that?

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I believe a regular member will change that for you if it’s in the correct format.

So do I just need to post it on Live:ATC category WITH proper format?

No post it in the live category first

Alright. Thank you!

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Bruh I told you already LOL

Seems you don’t believe :3

But now you know… always about the Trust Level

Hope to see you at TL3 someday! :D

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No, I just wanted to make sure if there were any way to post the VATC event.

If you’ve a proper format like

070200ZJUN16 (for example)

then I guess there wouldn’t be much problem when you want to post up new threads regarding events :)

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Yep, I checked the announcement and posted it as instructed! :) Still, thank you for your help yesterday.

No problem! Glad to help! :)

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I’m a regular, so if you post an event I’d be happy to move it to #live:events for you.

Thank you @Nicholas_L ! It’d be a great help if you do that.


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