What if both ends of the runway are active?

What should you do if you’re an ATC in IF there is not a lot/no wind, and both ends of the runway are green due to low winds, what do I tell aircraft to do?

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Both ends are not active, they’re just ‘green’ because of low winds. ATC can choose the active runway unless pilots on unicom have already established one and are on final etc. :)


Are you doing GND, TWR or both?

If there is slight wind, I follow the wind direction…

If the wind is light and variable, I check if there’s any arriving traffic and then I’ll assign the aircraft to the nearest runway possible for takeoff

But let’s hear from IFATC…

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That’s what I meant

Then just select a runway of choice (or if pilots are already on final from unicom at a certain runway then use that) and control as usual

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  • Which runway has headwind
  • Current traffic
  • Shortest taxi available
  • Check TAF and real world procedures

As mentioned above, if your jumping on a frequency and there is traffic inbound or on take off roll, ( either form a unicorn or a controller who has just left) then just stick with the flow of traffic, obviously keep an eye on the winds cause they do change! But you as the controller have the final say in what runway they use.

Steven :)

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  • Headwind: First point I made about wind :)
  • Current traffic: Check
  • Shortest taxi: Check
  • TAF, NOTAM, AIP, AIC: Check!

Not sure about @Padi3_14 though hahaha

If it’s not busy, you can use both runway ends (one for takeoffs, the other for landings) as it sometimes happens in real world: LAX in the early morning hours, smaller European airports like TFS.

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This will change quickly cause as soon an airport turns green, planes are swarming to that airport :D

PG pilots will land on both runways, they just ignore you. 😕


Report them.

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Thank you everybody!

Not always

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Well, lets say half of them ignore you.


Yeah, that’s better

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Something to look out for

  • Aircraft Exits (rapid speed)
  • Terrain on approach path
  • Noise
  • In real life, not in IF

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No, it’s not, thanks!


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