What if boeing never made the 707...

If the 707 was never built would we still have the boeing aircrafts we have today? Where do you think aviation would be right now if boeing never made their famous 707?

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We’d be flying on Douglas airplanes!


Boeing probably wouldn’t have been as successful as they are today. :)

I think we would be Lockheed Martin fans. Here is why: Douglas likely would have made their md-12; which would fail so badly, that it would have ruined their company. Lockheed would have went forward (in absence of competition) to dominate the commercial flight market with their L-1508 (737), L- 1470 (747), L-1743 (777) and L-1871 Dreamliner (787) (names are just a guess).


I think we only have the Airbus planes

If Boeing never made the 707, we wouldn’t have @Boeing707. He’d probably be named @DouglasDC8.


There would be no 787

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