What if all the Air Force VA's split up?

We have Air Forse VA’s but what is they split up?
The U.S. has an Air Forse
Brazil has an Air Forse
We make one for the U.K. Canada and Australia?
I occasionally here people getting into dog fights so why not the VA general declare on another Air Forse
The VA General can make all the Air plane choices etc.
I personally think it would be fun but we don’t want to fill up every server with Military Aircraft
So we can use Oshkosh or a less active Server or Region
Sure some of you don’t want WAR! but what about all the Military enthusiasts?
think about it
we can do proper C17 exercises
We can attack other military VA bases
We can dog fight
We can make allies and make foes
We can use Military bases as our hubs
We can use the A10 to do bomb runs!

Note: the Military should be available to solo players
Extra note: of this happens please have your hub in Charlotte NC or Oshkosh
Allies with the U.S.A.F. should use Charlotte NC and either Russia or _______ should use Oshkosh. We should avoid Using SoCal, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, New York and Singapore and Kulala Limpor U.S.A.F. can use SoFlo

Please share your thoughts

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IFES is staying strong and has recently gained about 10 pilots this week alone. We aren’t going anywhere :) sorry to burst your bubble.

F-14 (since there’s no F-15SG) and F-16C for the RSAF here

Uncle Sam’s C-17 does visit WSAP occasionally

IFES Infinite Flight Escort Services, not the military it would be fun

We should make it so that when an unidentified airplane flies into an airspace without saying anything, the military flies up to them to see what they are doing! :)


Aka interception hahaha

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