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Hi all,

I’ve been away from the community and Infinite Flight as a whole for a while, been quite busy with GCSEs and preparing for A-Levels, as well as trying to get all 9 of my PPL examinations out of the way. But I’m back now and thought I’d share what I’ve been doing in terms of RWA over the past year:

I flew solo on my 16th Birthday in the Cirrus SR22 G6 at my home airport Blackpool, almost 2 years after I flew solo in the Piper Warrior II in Canada.

Since then I have been doing plenty of circuits and solo navigation exercises.

I also started my aerobatic rating, which can be signed off after I receive my PPL, I’m doing this in the Extra 200, it’s been great fun so far, mainly focusing on Loops, Half-Cubans, Reverse Half-Cubans, Spins, Aileron Rolls, Slow Rolls and Hesitation Rolls.

As well as plenty of trips to and from Gloucester , because the 22 loves going tech on us :)

And to finish here is a photo which screams disappointment.

Can’t wait to receive my PPL(A), after that I plan to get my Night Rating and my IR(R) and travel all across the UK, then move on to completing my ATPLs at Skyborne Academy.

Thanks for reading, hope to see some of you in the IF skies!


Training in an SR22? You are lucky… 🥲
Great pictures and good luck in getting your PPL!

(Also quick question, you aren’t required to get night certification for your PPL in the UK? interesting…)

Nope! It’s a separate rating :)

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thanks for the awesome information.

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