What I think should happen with the future of Infinite Flight Live

With this infinite flight live we should take advantage of it in a way because most of us use Casual even though we’re Grade 2+ I have unfortunately never had the opportunity to Try Grade 3 expert server but I watch YouTube videos on it. The Training Server/Expert Server should include Centre E.G 121.4 for flying transatlantic flights from LHR-JFK or LAX-SYD we don’t need people to monitor that but we could get robots to do it by responding to our calls to change Altitude ETC but my main concern on that is that we might be flying to Dubai or Hong Kong from Heathrow and that is all over land!!! But we can do the same thing for it INC Flight Corridors appearing on the Map So we can do the Flight corridor from LBA-ALC or MAN-FUE on a flight and it would make life a lot easier for Aviation Lovers like me to find out where this is instead of taking a guess and hoping that it is Wright sometimes we’ll get thing right and wrong but it will be a great addition if it is possible

I use flightpladatabase.com to create all of my flight plan for not real life routes. For real life routes I use flightaware.com to find the flight plan, the FPLtoIF.com to create an IF readable flight plan.

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