what I think about the new Gate Restriction

I thought I would like to say something about Gate restrictions:
My hometown airport, KMHT - Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has a Gate restriction up to the Boeing 787, which is fine, but there is an issue.

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport can handle up to the Boeing 747-400, when parked at Signature FBO.

The problem? The stands at Signature FBO are red when choosing an airplane no larger than a Boeing 737-900 or A321.

While this might seem like nitpicking, It isn’t. I could spawn in a 747 at Gate 4, which is really unrealistic, as only a Boeing 767-300 could In Real Life park and be serviced at Gate 4.

I just thought I would let you all know what I think of the new Gate Restriction. Just maybe let Siganture be able to spawn in up to a 747-400 and 777-200ER.

Thanks for reading


@Nathan didn’t you edit this last? Could you provide your knowledge of this airport to this topic?

I was told it was being updated for the upcoming scenery update.

I’m hoping that Signature FBO will be able to accomodate a 747-400 and 772.

Almost forgot, we can also acommodate the Airbus A330-200 as well.

I’ll link to something I mentioned last night (please do note I am not part of the development team or the airport editing team, so my speculation is just that, I don’t claim to have any inside information):

As I said last night, I think the goal was to fix the most glaring problem as efficiently as possible.

That was bound to have some gaps (multiply the number of gates at airports by all the airports in the world, which is over 17k just commercial, public ones, and you can imagine how many individual gates that is to update).

Everyone was bound to do as you are, go straight for their home airport and check every gate.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly natural instinct, I would assume that cleaning up these gaps is the next step in the process. Finding them and passing them along to the editing team will help them roll them out with each subsequent scenery update.

But to make every gate at every airport perfect and limited to the exact model could have easily delayed the release for a very long time.

I think solving the major problem the feature was designed to prevent in the manner they did so the release could be deployed was preferable to shooting for absolute perfection. It solves the 388 at a GA tie down issue, and still allows the editing team to continuously roll out updates to specific airports as people find them at their home airports via scenery updates without requiring a full release.


Don’t think the editor had a chance to update this airport yet. Sorry.

Though I don’t think the gate sizes come directly from WED and are actually from a different algorithm and data that the team is trying to determine from Laura. In the last version of this airport, there are no heavy gates on the FBO ramp.

Like @Tim_B mentioned, I think the gate sizes are a “rough draft” of what is to come. The developers may optimize and change things as they see fit. Don’t worry, I am also seeing some inaccurate gate sizes at other airports.

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I believe I might have come across some issues with gate restrictions. I would like to clarify this is not to report any pilots but about the latest gate restriction feature. I would like to thank the developers but also would like to voice out some minor issues.
In the image that I uploaded below shows my aircraft’s (A333) wing tip colliding with the Boeing B773 while taxiing in MMMX. So I am wondering if there is an issue with this gate’s restriction.
It is a great update and I know future updates will do even better. Thanks a lot.

Sorry the photo didn’t appear earlier, I came across when I scrolled through and fixed the issue. I apologise for any confusion.

Manchester is also my home airport

seems like the gate is quite small for the 777 length! only if it was parked on the one to the right side it’s would have fit there perfectly.

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The system is not perfect. Plus every airport that is edited does not go into specific details of exactly which planes go in what spots. The restriction is a more general restriction in response to people complaining about spots.

Keep in mind this is the first iteration of the restrictions. It may be fine tuned over time as usage is looked at.


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