What i really hate is...

When i spend alot of time planning my Flight plan and turn off 1 or 2 engines to save fuel and taxi to run way, then what i really hate is taking off with 1 engine and wonder why my plane stalled…and i have to repeat the process


Theres an option to turn engine start off, so you dont load in the game with them on 🙂

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Best bet is to just turn on the second eingen? Simple enough right?


We’ve all been there and done that! 😂

Laugh it off and try again!


I don’t think the OP is questioning the reasons or how to prevent it. Jeremy was pointing out that it happened and had to redo the flight.

It has happened to me before. About half way down the runway I am wondering why my speed is so slow. I just hope nobody was watching lol


I just did this…on Expert…

:/ why…


at first i took off with a full load, around 89% and as i took off i stalled lol

This is the reason I alway turn on all engines after pushback


im on expert server too, climbing…use live flight tracker to see me…my flight name is JJ789

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thats a good point, ill start doing that

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Or just remember when your going to turn on your strobes to also turn the other engine on

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im around the new zealand airport NZAA

this just happened to me, some time ago I took off from WIII using 737-800 because I forgot to put the other engine on

Still remember the time when I did this with a friend of mine from Sofia to Zagreb and then not realizing that I had my engine off and wondering why I’m so slow. Then on landing when I go to turn on the seatbelt sign I’m like


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I forget strobes ALL THE TIME 😄

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Lols I used to but know it’s just part of my routine
happy B day 🎊

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I was tower at EGKK and I saw this 777 taxi with only one engine and at first I thought oh he’ll start it up during taxi instead, must be in a hurry. As he came to the hold short still only one engine running, he must’ve been unaware of it as he started takeoff and made it before the threshold on the opposite side and departed to KORD

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