What I’m supposed to do now? My VA issue

Hey guys

I’m part of @aeromexicovirtual team for some time now, but I’m facing an issue

I can’t replicate thousands of flights from RL without the liveries that aren’t on IF, some of them are

• the 737-800
• the 787-9
• the E190

And specifically the 737-800 livery request that has been there for years and still not being added, and of course I had used the generic liveries but of course is not the same, I’m feeling that is not worth to join to a VAs if there’s no liveries that actually fly today.

Aeromexico has only one 737-700 on service while the rest of their fleet is from 737-800s and E190s & E170s, 767-300, for long haul the 787-8/-9, and except for the 7377 and the 788, none of them is on IF, then what I’m supposed to do?

I’ve shared, I’ve supported, I’ve voted, and even making sure the AM738 request is still alive, but nothing has been changed, and there’s no sing for an update to the Aeromexico fleet on IF, and I’m getting tired of waiting, five years to be exact for ONE livery that has the enough votes and support, something that could really change my VA and make it grow, let us make more events, flights every day, etc.

So what I’m supposed to do now?

Wait another year?, being patient when American liveries are always being added first even if we surpassed them in votes?

I think my VA is stuck, I can’t make the flights I want without the 738 and 789.

And if you ask to any Latin American user most of them will agree.

So what do I do now?? 😓


The developers are doing their best at bringing new things into this game.
There’s not much you can do but wait. They are currently working on the A330 rework.

All I can say is be patient. I know nobody wants to wait. But not everything can come super fast!
All you can really do is use the Generic Liveries for now
Get more votes on your Livery and maybe it’ll catch a developers eyes

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Of course I can wait, but 5 years is quite a lot 😂

The problem is that if we don’t get those liveries the VA is going to be very outdated, restricting flights, events, etc.

That’s why I need some advice 🧐

No one wants to fly with VAs that don’t achieve today’s standards.

Look for example Air France VA

They have tons of liveries on IF!

• A318
• A319
• A320
• A350
• A380
• 744
• 772ER
• 773ER
• 7810
• DC10
• 763
• CRJ-1000
• CRJ-700

VS our fleet on IF 😑

• 737-700
• 757-200
• 777-200ER
• 787-8

That’s a shame, and a problem.


American Airlines VA? Pff!!

• 737-800
• 737-800 astrojet
• 737-800 old
• 737-800 TWA
• A320
• A321
• 777-200er
• 777-300er
• 757-200 old
• 757-200 new
• 767-300
• CRJ-200
• CRJ-700
• CRJ-900
• 787-9
• MD-11

And lots of their liveries didn’t have many votes as AM738 and they were added first. 😓


Yes I agree. For some reason the IF team have a lot of liveries that would be better off on other variants of the aircraft. For example it confuses me why they added the ANA livery on the 787-10 while ANA have very few 787-10s but an extreme number of 787-8s and 787-9s. For someone like myself who is very particular about flying the correct aircraft type it confuses me why this happens. But oh well I’m nearly 50 years old so what does it matter what I think haha. But yes I understand your struggle!


…because most of the sim’s userbase is from the states. It’s proportionality, really. But, the team has made clear their efforts to find a balance between catering to their userbase and being diverse with liveries. (i think the 757 was a pretty good example)

In the meantime… use the generic liveries. Doesn’t make much of a difference if most of your time is spent in the cockpit.

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I can understand your situation. Liveries add so much life to the aircraft and it’s way more fun to fly with one.

And even if I‘m not a fan of the current livery situation I hope I‘m able to change your perspective a little bit.

Imagine IF wouldn’t add buildings to your home airport in the next 2 years. Even the most unknown airports have buildings except the airport you want. Would you stop flying to your home airport?

I assume not. Don’t spend your time thinking what others have and you don’t. Be happy with what you have. There are always others with more than you. Besides that, some airlines don’t have a livery in IF at all.

Wait for something not confirmed? No. Do not wait. Continue to fly your loved routes with the B738 and maybe you‘ll see your beloved livery one day.


Couldn’t have said it better than Georgios… dont waste your time, play with what you have :)


Wow… you should grateful with what you have… some VA’s don’t even have a single livery.


I get where you’re coming from. I have no idea why you’re getting bashed, you’re within your right to express dissatisfaction as you’re paying/paid for these services. I hope the simulator starts transitioning more towards today’s technological assets rather than adding assets that have already been retired or they focus on adding assets with the most votes from the features category. That’s just my opinion.


I am, but it doesn’t feel great when we consider that Aeromexico is one of the most important airlines in the continent. 😅

With all due respect, this is my issue…

IF keeps endorsing KLAX-KSFO flights with countless liveries, basically a metaphor for; a lot of us can’t explore the whole word with the full package, we’re sacrificing mountains in Asia, rivers in Africa, terrain in the Middle East, all so that’s we can have what? 10-15 liveries that fly KLAX-KSFO??

This is a community with people all over the world, and just because we aren’t from the US doesn’t mean our vote has less worth. Whilst I’ve never heard of this Aeromexico livery, I support diversity. If you’re going to take on liveries just because of your US database, and not votes, might as well ban people that aren’t from the US from voting 🤷‍♂️

We don’t just need this Aeromexico livery, we need to explore the world using the most unique of the unique, using IF to its full advantage, a lot of us don’t pay for a subscription just to have EGLL-LFPG launched to the moon.


I’m probably about to be shot by the realism police, but every aircraft in the simulator has a generic livery of some description. There is nothing stopping you from using that.

I know it sounds silly from a plebian that uses any livery for any flight and doesn’t follow real world flights at all, but you can always use the generic livery as a placeholder. There is nothing to say your livery won’t be added in the future. And whilst a livery does make the flight somewhat nicer, you spend your time sat in the cockpit, so you wouldn’t see the livery anyway.

IF has really stepped up the diversity on recent updates with their livery selection. The 777 and 757 both had a massive diversity of liveries to choose from. But with the 757, people complained that there was too much diversity and that liveries were missing. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone when it comes to livery selection. We are currently limited to how many liveries we can have, and it’s understandable that some people will become frustrated when their livery isn’t released.

Diversity is a word that gets thrown around a lot, and I really think IF does a fantastic job of nailing a varied selection of aircraft and liveries in the simulator. You’d be hard pressed to find this level of diversity at such quality from any other mobile simulator.

In regards to your specific requests, the 787-8 has the Aeromexico livery, as does the 737-7. The Embraer family as a whole are lacking in liveries, but there is always the generic option. It’s not going to be wholly realistic, but there are lots of VAs that aren’t lucky enough to have many liveries. Just my 2 British pennies.


I partly agree, to an extent, but what’s your stance on the voting system in the IFC? The OP makes an amazing point, and others back it up by saying US Database-preferred liveries make it into the game more than the ones voted on as a whole by the community.

If my vote won’t matter because of my IP address, then why vote at all. 🤷‍♂️

Votes are never a guarantee that a feature is going to be added. The voting system exists for the developers to get an idea of what people want in the simulator. You’d be hard pressed to many other applications that allow the user to have so much input towards development.

I personally am non biased. I don’t fly for a VA, I don’t particularly care about my national carrier, and I fly whatever livery I feel like, be it realistic or not. From my view, IF has a massively diverse range of liveries. The only people you see complaining that this isn’t the case are the ones that don’t have their favourite livery in the simulator.

I do of course vote for liveries that I like/ think look cool, but I also don’t ever let myself be disappointed if they never make it into the simulator. Yes, there are lots of American liveries in the simulator. There are also lots of European liveries in the simulator. But you also have to respect that the majority of the player base lives in these continents, and from a business perspective, it’s the more logical solution.

Everyone’s votes matter, but you have to understand that just because you’ve dropped a vote doesn’t mean the feature will necessarily be added. Look at Concorde for example…

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Well I am sorry, but you’re not the only one. Russia the biggest country in the world has Aeroflot and one S7 livery on the A319 and that’s it. Eastern Europe is also widely neglected and Lufthansa, leader of the biggest airline group in the world barely has any of the new liveries compared to their fleet size and variety. Sadly, it’s the most logical thing for IF to create the 100th American Airlines livery rather than add anything else because of the American player base, but there is sadly no other way other than keeping to support the requests.
It hasn’t been 5 years like in your case but I for example have been supporting the A220 topic more or less daily on my own for over half an year, and I am not willing to give up on the best plane :D


AeroMexico, Volaris, Viva Aerobus liveries could benefit the air corridor of KSFO - KLAX to MMMX.

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now I can´t reply on the AM737 thread, it´ll be my 4th message and its dying, we lost votes and activity.

the problem is that the VA is a bit useless if no liveries from RL are being added, that´s my trouble :I

This thread has now run its course and diverged from the initial discussion. We have explained a number of times that liveries are a balance between diversity and representing the demography of our userbase. We are not magical beings and cannot add every single livery possible, nor will we. Our livery list is huge, diverse, and far more representative than it ever has been.

We will always strive to do better, but there are limits to everything in life.