What I have to say when ATC says me "expect vectors"?

Hi, this is my first time on infinite flight community!!
My question is what I have to do when ATC says me to “expect vectors” to ILS approach or only “expect vectors”??

They give u heading and alititudes

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Pretty self explanatory, expect further instructions from the ATC and a possible deviation from flight plan



When ATC tells you to 'Expect vectors for the ILS Approach ’ at an airport, you will be receiving headings and altitudes which will lead you to an approximate 30 degree intercept to the localizer.

When ATC tells you to expect vectors to an airport, (Also called Radar Vectors) it means that they will assign headings and altitudes to fit you in an appropriate pattern position (downwind, base or final) and hand you over to the tower/unicom frequency.

Hope this was helpful!



Also, after you get that instruction, you can still continue flying according your FPL, you can do this until the controller starts giving you vectors.


As others have said above, you wait. But here’s a story… me, personally I’ll start mumbling like I’m in a car stuck in a traffic jam waiting for that further instructions that took ages.

Then vector instructions came, I’ll start mumbling again cause I didn’t get the runway I wanted, holding on to my predesignated Nav1 just in case. Usually happens with Approach.

Then Tower finally knows what to do, smile on my face.

(Part of the fun😂 especially when my clueless friends are watching you play - like something serious and real is going on… erm, actually I do take it seriously, lol!).

*Note: the above are Traning Server scenarios.

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Hi Mustafizur! Welcome to the community 😊

Regarding your question like everyone is saying, you will basically reply to the message and expect deviations from your flight plan both vertically with altitude and horizontally with heading if for example you’re on a STAR.

They would typically do this to control the flow of traffic in the most efficient way.

Hope that helps.


If the ATC report me of not following him??

Well, if approach says just “Expect Vectors to______” it is most likely that you requested radar vectors and you can expect to be turned over to tower when on base or downwind and continue the approach from there. But, if you’re told to continue as filed, expect the ILS, that means just continue on your flight plan until you get vectored in, and if they say expect vectors for an ILS, be ready to enter in the heading and altitude they issue and please do it as fast as possible to make everyone’s lives easier. Thanks! 😉

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You won’t be ghosted if you’re told to expect vectors because the controller hasn’t actually given you any instructions yet. He’s just telling you to expect instructions.

This is not a friendly response :) you have to remember that there’s a lot of people that do not have much aviation experience that join this forum - so an answer may not be obvious. When I joined, it was a similar reason as the OP here, I was trying to figure out what pattern lingo meant and what right downwind and right base meant and the tutorials led me to joining the IFC. Seems obviously now.

@Mustafizur_Rahman - Welcome to the community! Hopefully the explanations in this thread have helped you out in understanding!


You say Roger or nothing

Didn’t meant anything unkind, sorry if that seemed not nice just tried to explain, text message can seem a bit distorted compared to reality ;) trying to help people

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