What I have been dealing with since the new servers came out

Device iPhone 14 on IOS 16.5.1

This is some of the stuff I’ve been dealing with in a photo and a description ever since the servers got replaced with the new ones.

This happens all day everyday I play the game while on any Wi-Fi network no matter how fast it is. Disconnecting over and over and over or just disconnecting me and not connecting back to the server this makes me so happy I don’t scream at my phone in anger when this happens at all over and over! :)

These 2 pics are of a 777 that looks like it’s not on the ground but it is. I’m a video it is seen floating over the runway then teleports back on to the ground then starts levitating off the ground and teleports back


These pictures are self explanatory.

Note: this is not my Wi-Fi I have very very fast Wi-Fi. Before the servers were replaced I never had this issue especially the disconnecting issue. I would be able to watch someone land without them going into the ground every single time or fly without disconnecting over and over. I go to different locations with different devices and still have the same problem and I’m not the only one. I was hoping this got fixed in the last 2 updates but it never did and it’s getting on my last nerves… mainly the disconnecting issue is the most frustrating when in busy areas.

I complain about this disconnecting issue to much but I just want it to get fixed so I can play the game in peace without losing it at my phone😤


Unfortunately the symptoms you’re describing quite clearly displays some sort of connectivity issues.
If it’s your router not being able to process the packages or what it may be is hard to tell, but this is unfortunately on your side and something we see when the latency/ping is high.

This is only relevant for download speeds. You can have a 100gbit fibre for all that matters which will give you great speeds… but if the router is unable to process the packages properly and/or if the latency/ping his high - the behaviour you’re experiencing is what will happen.

I would start by just simply restarting the router, as first measure.


I am having these same issues over two (2) months now, it’s really frustrating.

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