What I found!, like old times T_T and a little story

As in the old days, inside the computer I found these images of the old version of the game when I had the PRO version with my old account from my old cell phone.

The images that was taken, was the year 2017 from what I remember, I cut some of them to avoid problems with the HUD.

In those days when the first global version of Infinite Flight 17.04.0 was released, the game stopped being supported on my old phone and I was quite sad to be able to try it but I couldn’t, at least in these times I kept playing the old version until it was released. PRO version was completely finished and they had no more money and I had lost all my planes. and they couldn’t keep buying it.

Until in 2018 some hackers hacked my Google account and I couldn’t recover my account. Until someone else believes me the one I’m using now, but unfortunately my old cell phone was useless thanks to the fact that hackers put p*rn ads on me.

But in 2019 when I changed my cell phone to the Samsung A10 I realized that the game was compatible and I was so excited, but since I made a new account when they hacked me the game was not bought and none of them had money, I was all sad and not I played for almost 2 years. In 2021 when I changed my cell phone again to the Samsung A22, the one I am using now, I realized that the game was free thanks to the offer from the play store and I was able to get it and by surprise they bought me the PRO version and they activated the automatic subscription and so I’m excited!

Until I could play now, good times, right?


Took me a moment to realize this was during the ancient times joke

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Dang, those old textures are so nostalgic. I honestly liked how the textures looked clear and not fuzzy.

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You brought back many memories, I have been flying with IF since 2012, I also remembered the realistic water, when the strobes and beacon lights were reflected on the ground, the beginning of the game, hopefully one day they will do a retro special for us.

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I agree, I also liked.

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I also liked the strobe lights reflecting on the ground, I liked the lights inside the Boeing 747 but now you can’t see them because of the darkness and I would also like to see a special retro anniversary of Infinite Flight.

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The animated water T_T

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