What I do when I'm bored.....

This is random but I do this sometimes…
Usally if in a region that is close to another region I try and zoom out and see if I can see the other region but it never a works nor I never see another region XD

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Yeah, I once did that.

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Unfortunatily you can’t see the other regions in this update but im pretty sure you’ll be able to see them on map view in the Global Flight update.

Oshkosh looking down south at Chicago region. This is from few weeks ago


Did you catch up to those people?

No, throttle cuts out once you leave the region boundaries. The only way to fly with them is by switching regions.

I have, SoCal to San Francisco with an F-14.

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Can’t you use a fighter jet, go very high and fast than start a descent into the next region?

Maybe, I didnt try it.

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