What I can do with simbrief

Hi, I have a problem with a simbrief i would like to put the plan in me but the simbrief give me a special plan in it

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I think at the top is a button with “generate OFP” which will create the real flightplan.

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Hello this flight that Simbrief is offering you is from a real flight as @anon2996007 said below. So I believe it is the best route, But you can choose one of the two routes below your print also.

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Yes, I know that, but I would like to make a plan, but I cannot

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Did you try what I said?

Yes I will show you

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So everything is fine now? Just use the amounts given in fpltoif.com

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SimBrief offers different routes based on the data you have already entered.
Those are typically, but not always:

  • shortest (not direct)
  • fastest, based on wind
  • fuel efficient
  • “green” basically a combination of those above, but often close or same as fuel efficient.
    It might also offer you routes that are not valid for certain AIRAC.

BTW, a method to get the route into IF when Flightplan to IF doesn’t work or wouldn’t give the desired flexibility that SimBrief itself has is to copy the route into skyvector and use the Garmin export of skyvector that could be opened in IF.


Can you explain more

creating flight plans or getting flight plans to use in infinite flight.

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