What have i missed?

Hi everyone,

I deleted Infinite Flight back in 2017, shortly after the launch of global - logging over 500 flight hours before i left! I have just redownloaded and activated my account again.

It looks like so much has changed, and it is all very overwhelming looking at it again.

Anyone got any tips on readjusting back to IF after a long time off?



Check this out!

Run for the hills and don’t look back


Nothing much

Maybe some live cockpit or sum


A few things actually

  • If you still love bee movie, don’t change your callsign or else you won’t ever get it back
  • There were a few different systems introduced to infinite flight since 2017 - most notably procedures and VNAV, so I recommend you check out the tutorials for them in case you’ll ever get confused.
  • Third-party app scene developed a lot in the last 3 years - now you can have head tracking with just your phone using SmoothTrack, flightradar-like flight tracker with MapFlight and much more, I suggest you give the database a look: Infinite Flight 3rd Party Database
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Perhaps just start doing what you want to do instead of “force finding” all the new features. Fly and do stuff that you are planning on, and you’ll find all the new features as and when you stumble on them. A lot has changed as you said, so the chances are you’ll see the new looks and bits as soon as you start flying. Don’t be overwhelmed, go with the natural flow and maybe casual server it for a while without being put off by grading :-)


what has changed?

lmao wrong thing

Ayy, welcome back Mr. Barry Bee. Benson!

Whats new?

  • Don’t change your callsign. Because they changed the way GA callsigns work so they must abide by real-world rules. But if you still have the Callsign BEEMOVIE it will still be there, but if you change it it’ll go away forever.

  • We got a reworked 777 family, reworked C172, and a reworked 757. Tons of new liveries too. We also got a live cockpit on the TBM-930.

  • The A350 and the XCub were added.

  • We now have real-world procedures, SIDS, and STARS that you can add to your flightplan. We also have working VNAV.

  • And a bunch of smaller stuff I forgot, lol.

757 and 777 new reworked aircraft too.


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