What Has Infinite Flight Done For You?

Lol same it’s sad but true

Made me say things other people dont know about such as pattern work or VFR.

I fly a lot for my job and IF has made traveling more enjoyable. I now pay attention to signs and procedures that normal people wouldn’t. I notice the patterns like the chime at 10k feet, I follow the flight with the wifi and try to guess how high I am. I try to listen to live atc when the wifi cooperates. When landing I look out the window and go “hey, we are on right downwind”, My wife rolls her eyes and goes back to crushing candy.

The biggest thing is that if I have a question on something I noticed, like a part on the plane, tower, or why the beacon on the MD80 looks off center, I can post it on here and get an answer from one of our many skilled real life pilots.

It’s proven the undying loyalty of my wife, lol. There’s a lot that one can learn around here, so thank you for that IF community.


For me it has definitely helped me out understanding certain things to do in the air. But for me it has really helped me out with understanding what atc commands mean and what to do when given a command! And I’ve been meeting new people from all over the world! This simulator is just amazing in all aspects!

Infinite Flight has taken away my life! Lol

Wait, you used to have the ability to make friends?
I mean, you still do! Saying to someone “Hey, in the game called Infinite Flight I made a airport! Wanna see?”


I absolutely enjoy the community and knowing that there are a ton of people that share the same interests as me. I consider the community my second family. And I’m sure you all can relate to when you did ATC on the training server, those annoying people that didn’t follow your instructions; they are like the little brothers of the group. I absolutely enjoy flying with all of you and learning so much about aviation everyday

Made me realise how good auto pilot is and just make me think of them as living breathing machines that have characteristics

Infinite Flight has definitely boosted my knowledge in aviation.

Infinite flight has perfectly occupied my free time when I’m not studying for my aviation maintenance technology courses that I’m taking and I’m close to finishing and going back to Dubai UAE it’s fun and highly educational and now I’m debating if I should do engineering after this or get a BS in aviation management… what do you guys think I should do?.. any takes?

It made me love aviation

That’s the same for me except it was 3 years ago:-)

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