What has IF taught you about IRL Aviation

Over the last year and a half I’ve flown countless times on this beautiful app of Infinite Flight (my wife said i am addicted - she is right). I’ve logged hours upon hours of ATC, which originally brought me here. While controlling at ATL yesterday during the Expert rush (it was nuts) and then driving by DFW shortly after i realized that it is insane how much I’ve learned about aviation in the real world just from being a part of this community.

top 5 things you would say you learned from IF
So what would you say you’d look back on now and realize that holy crap, i can’t believe i understand this or know that. For people like me, i loved aviation from childhood but didn’t really know the ins and outs as i am in a career outside of aviation, but still find my self always looking to the sky

My top 5 things I’ve learned from IF (not ranked)

  1. Approach Plates - i obviously knew planning went into going into airports, but i never understood how to read them. Using approach plates in challenging areas really makes me feel like I’ve learned something

  2. Flight levels - it always amazed me how there’s so many aircraft in the sky without issue growing up, understanding east/west flight levels for some reason clicked as a major thing to understand

  3. flight planning - it’s amazing how much work goes into flight planning for a realistic flight in IF and how real-world procedure goes into it

  4. ILS - flying, you see all these clouds and rain and you never realize what it’s like to intercept an ILS approach. I know that IF is basic, but it’s cool to understand it now

  5. airport layouts - from doing ATC and being a part of VA’s, it’s crazy to think how well i know many of the airports now. Since being in IF and flying IRL, i have been able to know exactly where we are in the air and which runways were going into for several US airports just from paying attention to the turns and views of other aircraft.

So that’s my top 5 things, what are some of your favorite things you’ve learned about aviation from being a part of Infinite Flight?


The majority of things I learned about aviation came from Infinite Flight, including all of what you said above.


Try out its sister game x plane or if you dont have deep pockets and only a simple PC rig then fsx is the place to be for a realistic touch hopefully in time we will have such things we are getting there we have our first live cockpit
But infinite flight isn’t supposed to be Xplane or FSX

Its that much needed niche or bridge in the simulator market.

I’m retired from commercial aviation but this game has given me over 900 hours of pure fun and entertainment

Long live infinite flight


From when I first started, I had a thirst for knowledge on how the real guys do it. I first learned flaps, and then many more things. I was basically mostly self-taught.

Soooo much…
I don’t even know where to start! I know tons of airport codes, aircraft types, I know what fixes/SIDS/STARS are now, ATC frequencies including what Unicom is, how to properly land/fly an aircraft, filing flight plans, calculating (how much math really is involved), and so much more! Like @Nate_Schneller said, a lot of what I know was self-taught, but I still owe much of my aeronautical knowledge to Infinite Flight ❤️

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I think its crazy how even the most avid “sim fan” can come into a place like IF, think they know everything, but then realize how much they didnt know. that was me


I really put a lot hours into Microsoft simulator 98 and 2000 (says a lot about my age), so I had prior knowledge. But now having IF it really motivates me to learn more about aviation in all aspects. Both commercial and in general aviation…

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Yeah @Lavoe787, i used to play a lot of FS but for some reason i just never completely jumped in. So i knew how to fly, i knew the basics, but beyond just landing at that random airport near downtown chicago that doesnt exist anymore *cry, i never just went all in

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I’ve been taught that you need clearance for an approach, and that you can’t just climb to whatever flight level you want😉

We were having a chat about this between some of us recently. I just started my PPL and I immediately found there to be things I either know of picked up quickly due to IF.

Things like lighting, lines, ATC, checklists, altitudes and so forth were all easy to understand. That’s not to say I knew it all as I obviously didn’t, but it’s clear to me that flight simulation helps in certain ways 🙂


Simming before definetely has advantages. Knowing the basics makes learning the more complicated aspects of flying easier.

I am going to be beginning a pre learning faze for my PPL so that I know what to do when I begin proper training, I will know what to do. I actually learned a lot of what you learned. Such as landing, ATC, checklists. ETC.

I’m commencing my cpl but If has helped me a lot with the radios and with the traffic shock around it has helped me gather a calm mind when a lot is happening.

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Perfect example misha and congratulations on starting your PPL I hope to welcome you to the club in due course

Its lovely to see young potential being able to stretch there knowledge prior to classroom teachings

Awesome stuff good one you all who have taken a small peice of aviation and made it truly huge in your own hands



I learnt about the remaining in the pattern and departing. I am guilty of, on Casual as a Grade 1 saying remaining in the pattern at KLAX and then flying my Asiana A380 to KONT. LOL. We have all done that

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The funny part is when we now know what we are doing and then accidentally hitting the remaining in the pattern button. I have an internal conflict on saying what im actually doing, or departing and looking like a noob *facepalm

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This might be necroposting, but this is actually a nice thread. So, my top 5 things are:

  1. How to take off and land.
  2. How to flight plan realistically.
  3. How to navigate airports
  4. How to manage an aircraft during cruise.
  5. Basic rules of ATC (I can’t say i’ve learned real world procedures from ATC as few ATC uses them :()

For me it makes traveling IRL more enjoyable. While on the airport tram I am able to observe how planes move around on the ground, look at the various markings and their meanings, etc. Without IF and IFC I would just take the tram, board the plane, and not think twice about everything that has to work together.


I’ve loved aviation ever since I was a baby boy. The first time I’ve ever been on a plane I was only 1 month old.

My shelf was filled with dozens of books about aviation. I knew every plane in and out, I monitored my hometown airports flightplan, I listened to Live ATC (without understanding anything as I didn’t know English back then), …

So I’m an AvGeek. What Infinite Flight did is giving me a better understanding of how things work in a more detailed way.

For example: When I was young, I never understood how it was possible for planes to collide as there is so much space up there. In Infinite Flight Live I saw for the first time how fast there can be a close call despite the almost endless space you have.