What has IF done for you?

When I was 12, I found Infinite Flight on the Google Play Store and begged my Ma to buy it. Money was tight, but I was convinced it would help me become a great pilot someday.

Needless to say, she budged.

I grew up in the Foster Care system and never forgot what IF gave me.

I lost IF for a few years when I lost my phone, and had to restart everything because I cancelled all my accounts.

However, IF has kept my passion for Aviation alive. IF encouraged me to go to college and be independent. So, I bought my new phone with my OWN money, paid for pro with MY OWN money, and plan to commit to flying IF regularly and giving my own time to help improve and further the IF community.

So to everyone who’s been around for a while, thank you for keeping the dream alive.

And to IF and it’s executives, developers, moderators, testers, etc, thank you for keeping my passion alive.


What has IF done for you?


This won’t compare to the awesomeness of your story but it has helped me greatly in learning and practicing techniques that I learn.

I feel more confident in doing ground school and getting a pilot license because of my IF practice. I know it’s not quite the same as controlling a real aircraft but I do get quality practice with instruments and techniques.


IF has wasted ALOT of my time-it really does-it is ridiculous that is why I hate it. I have days where I am sitting here for at least an hour trying to figure out a long haul that would have the right timing for. it is beyond ridiculous

Honestly I have to say It has kept my passion for aviation alive even through the times when I failed my private pilot written exam few months before the checkride, a family tradegy, and COVID those times I wanted to quit working towards being a pilot. but a day or so later I go back to my famous question. What route do I wanna do today? I can honestly say I probably would have quit flying when I failed my written if it was not for Infinite flight


i’ve only been on IF for about a few months, but i have known IF for way longer. I first found IF one summer day in my house while scrolling through the apps on the app store. At that time, i was an aviation fanatic already, and i bargained with my parents to get me the paid apps. one of which was infinite flight. at first, they said no because they felt like i wouldn’t need this “game” when i grew up. it turns out, infinite flight isn’t a game, but rather an experience where all people can join and learn about fascinating aviation topics. after years of bargaining and begging, they finally got me the app one day. but here’s the funny part, i realized i had to pay for multiplayer too! 😂 But anyways after I got multiplayer, i was hooked. but there was a problem, i was too hooked. unfortunately it started interfering with my daily schedule, and it still does, i still love infinite flight and appreciate everything it has done for me, from learning aviation, to simply having fun.

thank you, IF mods, devs, editors, and all the kind community members out there.

this game will definitely stay within my heart.

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Wow. Awesome story, so inspiring and I hope you continue to follow your dreams. IF has been a hobby for me ever since I bought it back in March of 2016. It has come a long way since then, and so have I getting through most of college and some of my irl flight ratings…

I look forward to the future of this sim as it has always kept my dream “alive” even though I was only a sophomore in 2016.

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IF has allowed to me to do the aviation things I simply cannot afford in real life - flying.

Back in the early days, all I really did was goof around. That changed quite a bit when Infinite Flight Live came out (who remembers that?) and I began to view IF less as a game, and more as a simulator. I steadily became more professional, if you will, but I was still constrained by the boundaries of regions. That really all changed when global entered the scene. Now I could go basically anywhere I want, assuming your flight loaded. Flights sometimes wouldn’t load in the beginning of global, and if they did, they took a while.

Since then IF has continued to drive my passion and interest towards aviation, and better continue to do so for a long time to come. There hasn’t been a suitable alternative to IF for me. I’ve tried X-Plane mobile, but it just didn’t have the same energy and didn’t look as good. I’ve also tried both FSX and FS2020, but FSX’s multiplayer didn’t feel as busy and FS2020 straight up didn’t run too good. I have to say I’m not sure what my interests would be today if it weren’t for IF. That’s how much IF has done for me.

TL;DR IF drove my interests and if it weren’t for IF, I’m not sure what I’d be in to today


Gave me an unwaivering passion for flight. Over the past 8ish years I’ve had the opportunity to meet some members in the community all over the country (shoutout Team USA). I was fortunate to be young enough to make aviation my career. Love every second of it.


Infinite Flight helped widen my interest for aviation ever since I was 6, and without it I can say I’m not sure I’d still have this weird interest.

It’s at the point where I’m ready to commit to a career in this field, though I need to give it a bit more time, say 2 or 3 years.

Kudos to everyone keeping this flight sim and respective community alive, though. It’s quite the feat given 11+ years of continuous development.


infinite flight is created friendly community for people to feel positive to talk about aviation. they are also are given people opportunity for make things such as flight tracks, etc.


My story, is quiet different.
Just went to Google for reviews on which was the better Mobile Flight Simulator, and discovered IF.

At the beginning just couldn’t understand how to fly, cuz I was flying on XPlane Simulator which was quiet modest.

Still remember the ATC Audios at all the flight time, or the Strobe Lights reflecting at the ground, or when we have to buy planes… Such old days!

But now, have more knowledge and understanding how aviation world works. Im not sure, but I do think if one day will be seated on a Cockpit that would be much familiar to me and thanks to IF.

Thought would never have an addiction for Video Games, but IF catch me up in and not planning to leave it or therapy. Hahahahaha.

From deep inside my heart, THAAAANK YOUUU INFINITE FLIGHT, just LOVE YOUUUU.

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Although the game didn’t save my flight training as a pilot, luckily, an instructor stepped in and did it. It allows me to try things that I can’t attempt in real life. Example taking an empty B-777 and leaping into the sky. Or gliding to the airport unpowered until the last 20 miles. I won’t agree with the community 100%, but sometimes it’s fun to defend my value and knowledge respectfully.

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Infinite Flight and the community has certainly done a lot for me, and more than words could probably describe.

Long story short, I’ve had my highs and I’ve certainly had my lows, both on Infinite Flight and here within the community itself. I’ve made mistakes, but it’s not about if you make mistakes, it’s about if you learn from them and if I do say so myself, I would like to say that I have.

I know it might sound silly saying this, but Infinite Flight and the community has shaped me into the person I am today, and I have learnt some very valuable life lessons through being apart of the Infinite Flight Community.

I want to thank everyone that I’ve talked to and especially the moderators and staff for everything they have done for not only me but the entire community to make it is what it is today.

Can’t wait to see what the future has instore for Infinite Flight!


After a lot of scrolling, I found this topic and found it really interesting. :)
I’ve achieved so much since I started to play IF actively again. And I’m really grateful.

Some of the things I got done:

  • I joined IFATC and already made it to the rank of Officer (radar frequencies)
  • I managed to join the Testers team
  • I achieved a fantastic Staff Position at EYV as a trainer/recruiter
  • And the last 1/2 weeks I joined IFAET. (Scenery editing)

Plus the fact that I met some amazing people. People that inspire me day in and day out.
And I really want to thank some of them. Sean (competitveDevide320), Lord Wizrak, Ramzi, and Syncline (Ricky). I’m not sure if you guys will see this but thanks a lot.

Got me into aviation a lot more, met new people on the community, had a lotta fun making events, and was a CEO for Austrian Virtual for about 5 or 6 months which was pretty cool.

So overall, although I have now moved on, can thank IF for a few things and the time I had playing the game. ✌️

I’ve always played IF as a normal Sim, but when I discovered IFATC I’ve met so many new people all over the world 🤩

I first discovered IF back when we had the Space Shuttle and before global was a thing! Quite some years ago now lol. Back then I was just entering my teenage years and was just starting to get into aviation, a passion which IF helped accelerate. After attending a few local airshows and going on some commercial flights, it was really exciting to be able to have a simulator I could enjoy as a 12 year old (albeit on a 1st gen iPad mini lol). At that point in time, I wasn’t an avid IF player and didn’t upgrade to pro until a few years later when I go tmy first job, but the thought of IF provided anticipation to get into it more and more. Now, being a pro member for quite some time now and seeing the rapid development the whole IF team has been able to push out has been amazing! Being able to (virtually) fly an aircraft over my home region and across all areas of the world has taken up so much of my time (in a good way lol). Additionally, the fact that IF strives to make the simulator as real as possible is great! The airport procedures, navigation techniques, ATC communication, METAR, and so much more I have been able to learn from this app. The IF ATC guides and the handbook are amazing tools that have given me so much information that when I bought a book that my local flying school uses for ground school (From the Groud Up) I was already familiar with a good portion of the material!

The amount of time (and money) I have put into this app is all worth it in my opinion. It is not only a source of entertainment, it is also the beginning of a hobby. Thanks to IF, I have begun saving $$ for my Private License, and I hope to start training in a year or two:)

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