What has happened to the Expert Server

Oh boy. What has happened to the Expert Server. It’s 8:00AM and this has already happened at London-Heathrow.

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That’s why I don’t fly to busy airports on the ES or any airport where there is ATC (mostly)


And hes a grade 5 to lol


A grade 4 and a grade 5 pilot. If they’re doing this we can’t hold out much hope for those just qualifying from the training server to be respectful.


The Air France went through me while I was pushing back too -_-

ATC didn’t catch it either…

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I think people should have to take a test to get into the expert server similar to the IFATC quiz. Would take an army of mods to review all the tests but it could seriously help.


Honestly, that probably would do some good for the expert server.

Apparently LHR ATC was on their tea break


I just watched a guy get an L2 (I assume) or two for entering the runway without permission and then proceed to go 53 knots GS on the taxiway on his third try.

Yesterday I watched a guy pop 140 knots IAS on a 14 nm final.

A week ish ago I watched a guy almost invert an A380 and then try to do a cobra with it while doing “pattern work” at SYD.

ES is dead. Welcome TS II.


Why aren’t taxi incursions a violation? I get that when someone spawns or something it’s a pass, but if both pilots have been spawned for a while and it happens it should be a vio.

I always zoom in to the HUD map (set to map only) when taxiing so I can have situational awareness.


I agree 👍🏻


At this point, it might be just better to fly in training, as there is not that many players in one airport at 1 time.
I was at PHX yesterday, and while pushing back, a Southwest 737 drifted in to me while taxiing so fast.
I make mistakes sometimes when planes don’t show up and I can’t see them, but I think he saw me.

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doesn’t have to be manually reviewed, could simply be MCQs and be marked by the system


Or they make an age limit like 14+ just to be on the safe side. Just a thought since I feel like people would be less disrespectful and clueless.


Best to learn good habits now so you don’t end up irl like:

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You can get violations for taxiing through others (which I have issued at least once) or failure to give way

I personaly think they should implement a server that can only be used by grade 4 / 5 i think more rules would be listened to but its only a suggestion

Entering a runway without permission, taking off or landing without permission, and taking off or landing on the wrong runway are all level 3 violations. Failure to Go Around, however, is a Level 2.

Maybe the controller gave him “crossing the HS”, which is an L2, because he came back immediately.

14 and above please 😅 im 14 and i DO indeed have common sense and listen to atc like my life depends on it and YES im aware of my surroundings during taxiing :]