What has happened to the “Expert server”?

Hi all.

Today I was landing at Copenhagen, everything was going fine until approach went offline. Literally 1 minute later it was a mess… People somehow think they can go from 9th in line to 1st, cutting in line and flying extreme maneuvers.
Why do people do this, when you are flying on the expert server? Even tower was online, but people still do what they want.

One guy, even though he was grade 4, decided he would cut in front of 5 aircraft and make me (perfectly established on final) go around. He wasn’t even given a warning, when he clearly should’ve been ghosted. Many similar issues were users haven’t even been given a warning, or been ghosted when they should have has happened recently. (Ask me if you want more examples)

Why do people do this, when they clearly know that what they do is unacceptable?

What I have noticed when users “misbehave” under controlled airspace is that the users “behaving good” are the ones affected, eg. Told to go around, 360, etc while the misbehaving aircraft isn’t even given a warning and proceeds to continue their approach.

Sorry if this got kind off unclear or messy, but few things irritate me more than issues like this.



Many pilots are selfish and don’t care about others users’ experience. It’s a shame.


It really is, it’s incredibly frustrating…

Corona happened. It’s caused a lot of people to have a lot more free time so they have more time to get into Expert.


Agree. I wish there were more automated ghosting / controls in place.

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I feel your pain. Just because it’s Expert doesn’t mean everyone is a professional or knows what they’re doing. Even if someone is grade 3 or 4, that doesn’t mean really anything. Grade is just a number.


What really annoys me is when users that know rules violate rules they know of, which was the case today…

Sorry this happened to you but at the end of the day, it is a sim! Just remember Grade means nothing!


I agree, “luckily” it’s just a sim…

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But you can still treat each other with respect

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Thanks for the report. In the increased traffic there are some growing pains that all servers are experiencing. More ATC being active will help as well as increased paroling.