What has happened to the ATC voices?

I noticed pretty much all of the ATC voices are gone. Why?

The voices are gone because there was a hotfix on the app due to frequent app crashes because of ATC voice glitches. Unfortunately, with this because of problems beyond infinite flight’s control. With this hotfix, voices were removed. The problem was that some of the voices were not working true to a problem with Apple’s test to speech system. Apple is working to fix it, however Infinite Flight is going to do all they can to get the voices back once they feel that Apple systems with voices are running again.

More information to be found in the article I linked below

There have been some issues found with most of the voices. It should be fixed soon. Because of this, there is a limited selection at the moment.

small team blame iOS


If you’re referring to us blaming iOS for no reason, think again ;)
They botched the TTS system rather which were reported by several other developers. Since then, they’ve updated the TTS silently. We are however playing it safe by having the voice options we know works 100% for a few more days.


rip mine, it was the UK dude…

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