What has been your IF 2018 Highlight?

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I’ve made new friends! @Plane-Train-TV @Aviator_Airbus @BigBert10 @Aiden_Hindmarsh and like, i don’t know 900 other people 🙃. I’ve also became a Grade 3 and joined 4 VAs! I’m currently making one about to go to IFVARB called Egyptair Virtual and I made my first event with over 50 attenders! Don’t forget, I became a member!


Probably the TBM and the WORKING INSTRUMENTS on the A-10



So many amazing things happened for me this year.

Starting back on January 14th, 2018: This was the day that the ACVA would start operations. Little did i know that this would be one of the most fun, rewarding and most realistic thing i was ever apart of. Soon to be the leader of it all…I still can’t really believe that part.

I became a member of the IFATC when i passed the Practical Test on August 11th, 2018! This would soon be one of the biggest challenges for me. Controlling on the expert server is like no other and i would recommend it to anyone who can do it! My first FNF: Southwest Triangle

On October 13th, 2018, I became a member of the Grade 5 Club!! One of my best achievements in game. It’s the one i’m most proud of. I’ve been lucky to maintain grade 5 ever since then!

Then on December 2nd, 2018, I became a member of the elite group of the IFAE. Where i have connected with @Cbro4, @Doug_Hamilton, @Skyler.Cooper and @Nate_Schneller. Those are just a few of you. Thanks for welcoming me in the group. It’s been an amazing week and i look forward to the rest of it :)

Overall, this was an amazing year for me when it came to infinite flight!! I loved each and every update and i can’t wait for the next year. It’s going to be AMAZING! Thanks to Staff for the hard work. Thanks @MishaCamp, @DeerCrusher, @BluePanda900, @schyllberg, @anon66442947 (the best trainer) for all of the small conversations and interactions we’ve had. It truly means a lot.

On that note, i can’t wait to keep flying and controlling.
See you all in the skies,



It’s been a year already! Well, to start off, I am loving 18.6 the most, with the splits and the working instruments! Such hard work by the staff! As for the IFC, it’s been an amazing year here, from getting suspended for 3 days within a week of joining (lol, i was salty), then making it to my aniversarry just a few days ago! I made a lot of friends, like @Kamryn @Daniel14 @Plane-Train-TV @BigBert10 @KPIT @Darpan (Frienemies XD) @Feurum @Connor @TheFlyingKiwi and many more!


Infinite Flight:
Definitely getting the new CRJ updates over the summer. It’s definitely a favorite aircraft of mine as I’m a big fan of doing short regional trips. The most recent 18.6 update was also really good and opened up new opportunities for future aircraft development.

Airport Editing:
I had a blast over at the airport editing HQ! I finally was able to entirely complete the first state (Maine) in my project New England. I’ve also enjoyed doing some behind the scenes work in the navigation department.

My Huge Fly-Out event at Denver was spectacular! I also got to meet some forum friends in real life this year. @Ksisky @bobo2345 @FlyFi 👋


Joined IFC in January, now my avgeekiness has skyrocketed 😂
my favorite things that IF did:
Add the CRJ family and rework the 737 anyone who is in DLVA will know why I enjoy the latter so much


The awesome time I had o the expert server also the British Airways FNF was awesome and hectic at the packed EGLL airport

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My Highlights are hard to say which one was the best. Well, in September i bought pro and had a beautiful time in the Simulationen. Then, when i reached grade 3 on a flight from Ghuangzu to LA I was unbelievable happy and loved that I could join the expert server. After getting single I decided to start a beautiful world tour (I continue today) where I started to see Europe and loved the infinite looking options of actions I could make in IF.

Also joined the Community and damn, that was a very good idea 💕💕

You wont believe it, but I am happy that I am here, that you are all here together


I’ve only played IF on solo this year, but I can definitely see the changes from 2017, and the best thing that caught my eye definitely has to be the scenery and graphics, not sure how new it is, last played right after global came out, but either way it is super amazing!

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I have made so many fantastic moments here in the Infinite Flight Community and most definitely in Infinite Flight. One of my favorite things I have seen is the exposure and growth of Infinite Flight in just one year. This simulator defines what a hard working staff team can accomplish. On a personal level, Infinite Flight has broadened my horizon of aviation and has made me appreciate my passion for it. My favorite airport has to be KBWI just because it is my home base airport and to see it get attention this year just makes me smile. My favorite update was of course 18.6! This update brought attention to @Nate_Schneller’s A-10 and my personal favorite aircraft, the Boeing 737-700. This year alone, I have flown over 200 hours in the Southwest 737-700 in Infinite Flight so the update just made my year. If there was one thing to stand out to me, it was the Infinite Flight Community. I have hopefully made a impact in the community by leading WOW virtual to become IFVARB approved, creating events with tons of attendees, and becoming a Regular. Becoming a Regular has enabled me to create a even bigger impact with helping our new members, connecting with the Moderators and Staff, and opening a door to even more aviation. If I had to pick one thing that made this year special, it was the amazing people I have met and been able to connect with. I can’t possibly name everyone but if I had to name a couple I would mention @Trevor_A, @BigBert10 and @Calib_Wilson. These three people have always been by my side and always there when I needed them. I also enjoy messing around with @ewanfleming and @BluePanda900 on the VARB slack. Everyone has made my experience here on the Infinite Flight Community better and I personally can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Lastly, I would like to mention the strides and devoted staff that have worked extra hard to bring what the community wants. I can’t think of another app or simulator’s developers that connect with their community more than Infinite Flight and that is what makes Infinite Flight and the IFC so exceptional. I also want to mention all our moderators that go above and beyond their job than just closing topics and suspending members to 2209. They always are open for discussion and love to connect with members on a personal level. Two exceptional moderators that I have seen this year is @Chris_S and @DeerCrusher. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community! Who know? We may hit 100,000 IFC members! Thanks for everything and everyone!



For me, the highlight had to be the improvements made to the A320 and B737 families of aircraft. Being a minor shareholder in Southwest Airlines, the recent WN livery additions also came as a welcome surprise.


Veeery hard to decide. We’ve all been spoilt with a record number of updates this year, but I think the A320 update was actually the highlight for me. It’s probably my most-flown aircraft, and to be able to fly it with wingflex and a multitude of new liveries really is amazing.

On a more personal note, heading up to the Midlands for FlightSim2018 was also an absolutely fantastic experience. Meeting people you interact with on a daily basis is really something that you can’t describe particularly easily; it’s not often that you find a group of people with so much in common. I encourage you all to make the effort to go to one of these events if the opportunity arises. It’s a fantastic opportunity to both solidify and make new friendships.

Here’s to 2019! It’s setting itself up to be a promising year for the whole of Infinite Flight, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new things are introduced.


Well it’s been a year for me…this year I joined you guys and met this amazing community where I can actually talk about aviation and people know what I’m talking about 😂 I am thankful that this community has treated me good ;) that’s the biggest highlight for me


When I joined the Infinite Flight Community, I never would have guessed the effect it would of had on me as a person. I’ve changed so much in the last year and the IFC has played a large part in that.

The people I’ve met, and the organizations I’ve been a part of have all had a great influence on me, and I hope to continue to grow alongside this wonderful forum.

As for my favorite feature, I’d have to say working instruments are number one. I’ve said this before, but the developers have so much unbridled ambition that I can’t wait to see released. Can’t wait for 2019!

  1. Elite Pilots (IFEP) 👨‍✈️
    The first half or more of 2018 I spent with VO called Infinite Flight Elite Pilots. It is an obviously amazing organization with a great team and with awesome event every week. I had great time while was flying with them! Thanks to staff team and @AslanK (CEO) for this great moment in my life!

  2. Youtubers meetup event and full Training Server (29/09/2018) 📺
    That was historical moment! Over 500 people were flying in one place.
    It was great to see how many people can participate just in 1 huge event! Infinite Flight developers even added some more slots for Training Server to allow more users join. It was unforgettable experience! So many planes…and just in 1 airport 😯 Thanks to @Swiss @PocketRishi @Blu_Games @Dan @JNG_Aviation @InfiniteFlightGuyYT @Alpha1Aviator @Justin0623 @GraemePorter25 @Etrain for joining Youtubers meetup event! Thanks to everyone who was with us that day!

  3. Aegan Airlines (AOVA) 🇬🇷
    Today I discover awesome scenery of Greece and other Europe regions by flying for Aegan Virtual. The reason I joined it is that I love Greece. Aegan VA is one of the coolest VAs I have ever been in! Thanks to @Moonlit (CEO) for creating it!

  4. Infinite Flight Global Aviators (not surfiticated yet) 🌏
    Recently I joined to my Friend’s VO which will be soon (I hope) approved by IFVARB. I can’t talk much about it as it’s not certified yet,but the atmosphere there is really friendly. Recently they organized their first event and I am glad I was there. My friend, @InfiniteFlightGuyYT (CEO of IFGA) was working hard to start it. I wish to IFGA growing fast in 2019! And I wish to CEO to have happy time with it!

  5. What I understood while playing Infinite Flight 🤔
    For me it’s not a game or simulator anymore. It’s something bigger. You can’t learn how to create websites, databases, how to create movies, discord servers only by playing a game.
    **For me Infinite Flight is a separate world I would even say the universe, connected with aviation!**I was taught a lot . My aviation knowledge is now much more bigger before IF. I met so many cool people, so many many friends! And I am happy because I am here, In a World of Infinite Flight!

  6. To developers, staff, moderators and beta-testers ⚒⚙️
    You guys are making awesome work. Infinite Flight is the best mobile flightsim! Thanks you for creating it! Thanks you for updating, moderating and testing it! It is a really nice and amazing world for those who don’t have PC or time to play “big brother” flightsims! Just thanks! (I won’t tag staff and moderators because they probably busy.)

  7. To all IFATC controllers! 🕹🛩
    I must say that this team makes pilots much happier and more professional while controlling. It is so cool to watch professional pilots are flying on expert server! Thanks guys for making Expert Server as beautiful as it is now!

  8. To community 🛬👨‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️👨‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️👨‍✈️👨🏾‍✈️
    Well, that is the most popular and important part of Infinite Flight. Thanks you for posting interesting topics, feature requests. Thanks you for creating amazing events. Thanks you for creating and supporting VAs/VOs! Thanks for keeping Infinite Flight Multiplayer alive! THANKS!


cannot believe you didn’t mention me aha. jk.

Been a very long time


Take it easy buddy, ha


I think one of highlights for me has been correction of the term “Butter The Bread” we’re not in culinary school you know. I’d like to think that I’ve made some progress in changing the term from something that has been a “joking term to describe a landing” to something that makes a bit more sense in application to the real world. I don’t know if that progress has really changed, but I’d like to think it has. 😜


all jokes aside, to me the ultimate highlight in 2018 has been the 6 amazing updates that we’ve had. To recap:

18.1: New liveries on the Airbus 321s, new ATC changes to the user interface as well as the option to choose voices for what we hear over the radios.

18.2: The CRJ700. This was monumental because this was one of the first few aircraft to implement the new suspension animations that we now see on aircraft today. In addition, we also received more satellite imagery which opened the doors and opportunities to explore new places.

18.3: This was a big one. The CRJ900 and an update to the A318/A319/A320/A321 family featuring wing flex and a plethora of liveries.

18.4: CRJ200 & CRJ1000 are released along with a user friendly systems page that allows you to turn on/off various features for a given aircraft (engine(s), lights, and doors). For those that enjoy ATC, multi-frequencies are now possible for those situations where multiple towers, ground, or approach are needed for busy circumstances.

18.5: A whole new animal featuring Steveo1Kinevo’s TBM, we’re greeted with one of the greatest aircraft to date. It’s my favorite bird that we have and a rocket of an aircraft, but the TBM930 has taken me to airports with views that I never knew existed. With the cruise speed slightly slower than a regional jet, but the cruising altitude of the low FL300’s, and a landing speed that you’d find on a Cessna 208, you’ll be able to take this plane to virtually any airport you wish. New sounds for this turboprop were added as well as many other UI updates to the app overall.

18.6: The last one of 2018. The A-10 Warthog got a make over. Working instruments? Yes, the A-10 was the perfect platform to begin work on this feature. It brings another sense of realism to flying, especially on a mobile flight sim that I can fly on my iPad/iPhone. Also in this update the Boeing 737 got a touch up with added wingflex, a list of unique liveries, and added suspension that was first introduced with the CRJ.

All in all, when you look at the brief overview above, I’d say that Infinite Flight hit the ball out of the park and beyond in 2018. We may have hoped for some specific aircraft, liveries, features, etc. and they might not have made their way into the app, but I think its important for us to all realize that a lot of work and features can be delivered in a year. The appreciation and gratitude that I have for all of the work that was put into this year will continue into 2019 and beyond. Keep up the stellar work Infinite Flight and have much success for the years to come!


This year was aight

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