What has been your IF 2018 Highlight?

Hey Everyone,

As 2018 draws to a close and you think back over the year, I’m wondering what your favorite (favourite in 🇨🇦) moments or highlights have been. It might be a new feature, a favorite event, new friendships, joining a VA, or even just discovering Infinite Flight for the first time.

The Infinite Flight team is looking at our year in review and we’d like to hear from you as well.

Thank you!

PS If you’re still upset about the lack of [insert continent or country here] liveries or think the A-10 was a waste of time, please save those for the 2031 year in review…


probably all the fun in the VA I am in. We have had a great year in 2018… More recently the new 737 update.


I mean it’s really tough to narrow it down to one thing. Company growth and 6 updates was a monumental feat! The TBM and working gauges in the A-10 were the biggest game changers for me.

Thank you IF ✈️❤️


Returning to a role that would allow me to do my part to help this coded marvel stay bug-free every update, which in turn helps the community have a good time wherever or whatever they may fly. 👍🏻

Secondly, I’m returning to YouTube, which means, MOAR EPICNESS from the IFAE Channel, with my newest movie (my first one in 4K or UHD) being 30 reel-seconds away from finishing, which should take a day or two for me.


Four things I loved in 2018:

  • *** Being a part of one of my fav and great VA i.e. @Transport_Hub’s SVA😍.My first VA on IFC

  • *** Attended my first ever IFVARB summit along with SVA

  • *** The latest 737 update…

  • *** And Finally…the best part is something that you can see soon,keep checking VA channel😉😉


Completing Quantas 9 Heavy Perth to London after 3 attempts and 2 game crashes.


Omg were do I begin.

I discovered infinite flight a few years back but haven’t really started playing since global. Since then I’ve found this amazing community which is by far the best I’ve seen. I joined the Elite pilots and British Airways VA. Currently also joining GAF.

Over the past few months I’ve seen how this place is an amazing place to get help and also able to help and support each other.

My favourite location is LCLK(Cyprus). Reason is because I lived there for 11 years of my life.
So far I’m loving the a10 and can’t wait too see what’s next going to happen 👀
As I’m an Airbus boy. My favourite aircraft is the a320 series !

Otherwise one amazing great job guys.

Thanks. George !


Probably just the 737 update. I can’t seem to enjoy the community enough anymore to really highlight anything


My highlight… let’s see.

If I could narrow it to one thing, I think it would be joining Delta Virtual and being appointed to Event Coordinator. Edit: and now the Board of Directors! It’s a great community there, and we have so much fun.

List of Other Highlights:
• Reaching TL3
• Joining IFATC & IFAET
• CRJ Updates
• v18.6


In all honestly, nothing this year really got me super hyped. Dont get me wrong, the CRJ is amazing, but I dont fly too much reagonals, the TBM was fantastic, but I still prefir the C208, and the 737 and A320 were nice, but more of maintanance than something fantastic to me. The A10 again was fantastic, but once again if I’m going to fly a fighter I want somthing nippy and fast, the Hog just isnt that kind of fighter. I will say though that I’m excited for what working instruments means for the future. Still, weather I liked them or not, I’m very proud of what our team has done, very few games can claim that they get a Major update every few months. And dont mistake me, it’s all been great, and if I’m going to pick, I’d say that the 737 “rework” is probably the best this year, I cant stop flying it! Keep it up guys!


Well, since I first joined the community, I was just a new user trying to find a way to PM Tom Grollman…(I didn’t know that I didn’t meet the requirements to PM him…😲 ) and now? I am part of the IFATC and VARB team, member of some of the most active VA’s, Regular, etc… If I put everything down, everything was a highlight for me. Okk… The A 10 update with the live instruments was my favourite one and probably one of my best highlights within 2018… And that’s because I didn’t expect how far IF could go. Thank you Infinite Flight for such an amazing session 🛫


It’s a simple answer for me,

  • Downloading Infinite flight
  • Getting pro subscription

And last of all joining the community!


Actually it sounds like the comunity counts. Thats a whole list. I mean I joined to start, then member, then Regular, and seeing everyone fill my home airport at the KPIT flyout was so amazing. Eaven long after I’ve left, I dont think I’m ever going to forget this first year (not eaven) on the community…

(and how can I forget my awsome new friends? Thanks @anon93248082, @Captain_JR, @BigBert10, @Daniel14, @Plane-Train-TV, and so many more of you I cant eaven start ti name…)


And Yeah…I met some great peoples out here whom I really like(:

They are: @Capt.SkyWalker @NationofAviation @niks.goen @Transport_Hub @Amaar_Viqar @PranavGupta @indraniel @Rohan625 @AndrewWu @AviationFreak66U and many more…sorry If I left someone😶.

And how can I forget @DeerCrusher 🤔🤔My favourite mod🙂


Joining BAVA


“I know you asked for a highlight, but nah.”


I know this was last year but I think the highlight is still being able to fly around the world because Which other flight simulator on a mobile device can you fly in real time. And for me it still beats all of the updates.

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Actually you’re right. I did it wrong, I gave a general review of the year, I’m sorry…

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I’m just teasing ;)


Oh, lol… 😂

Two can play at that game… 😝