What has been your favourite ATC day or FNF?

Honestly, you can’t beat an ATC at home day ;)

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Definitely IFATC at Home for me :D

Surely this one ☝️…

My home airport featured for the first time in the FNF (LIMC) in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Alps 😍

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And this was the best ATC schedule ever!

But hey, at least you were able to land there, right? 😂

I think when I noticed I was low, I left the app and came here to ask what
I should do. Then the app crashed when I came back in. But, I don’t think I would have made it.

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My favourite FNF was “Flying the French Flag”.

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The GA one in Britain, I got ghosted 🤮

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Anytime CLT is featured.

this one was amazing

The Atlanta Megahub was really fun!

When either PAJN, KCLT, or KATL are featured.

Alaska, hometown vibes, and 717’s are my life in IF. (Wish we had the MD-80, lol. Then I’d fly that instead of the 717 😂).

I love when ATL is featured, usually 500+ arrivals and with sids and stars It will make everything much more smooth!!

My first and favorite ATC day that I attended on the advanced server was on August 11, 2019 and in the Philippines region. I saw a group of airports such as Manilla, Ho Chi Minh City, and Tapei being covered that allowed realistic routes to be flown. I first flew a round trip Philippine Airlines Airbus A321 between Manilla and Ho Chi Minh (I believe). Then I flew an Eva Air Boeing 787-10 between Manilla and Tapei. It was overall a great day!

This may be a little bias, but…


This one was definitely my favorite

1). People shouldn’t complain about anything.

2). The days with PANC or anything in America, especially the Northwest and California.


Some of my favorites:
Swiss Soirée: 2017

Basically my very first FNF, back when Mark posted them 😪

Oh these two were also wonderful. Take me backkk!

And we have this one right here. I remember starting high school and just flying over Siberia as a stress reliever ☕️

Honorable mentions:
ATL Megahub
Dragon in Space - MCO