What has been YOUR favoruite update / feature added to the sim?

As the title suggests…

What has been YOUR Favourite thing the devs have released to the simulater, it could be a favoruite livery being added or a favourite aircraft or even a feature that got added which you love!!

I’ll start … My favourite thing has to be the 777 Rework ( I know there has been many other updates but this update has a special place in my heart and i fly this beauty almost every flight!)

Excited to read everyones different viewpoints as we all have different opinions about things :D

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My favorite feature is for sure the 3D buildings and clouds being added. It was a huge step in the right direction for IF to become more realistic.

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Easily gonna have to be global. Completely changed the sim.


smart answer… without global none of this would have been possible

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i also agree with this!! love 3D buildings

Boeing 757 rework and 3D buildings

A220 or the 3d Buildings. I remember in 2017 I briefly play IF for a week and in that time I thought the lack of detail was huge. coming back now the difference is huge

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