What has been your favorite thing of Aviation

Hello, there just another question regarding the outside world, and this time i was wondering what did you like the most about aviation

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I believe This be would belong in #real-world-aviation (Please correct if I am wrong) and you are no longer allowed to post these types of long question based threads there. #general is not really appropriate as it just make you skip the queue.

And to be honest I mostly like everything about aviation.



Unfortunately, @tunamkol is correct with his assessment. Everything related to real world aviation has to be posted in #real-world-aviation. To be able to post there, you need to be at TL2. You can find details about how you can get there in the topic below:

Also, make sure to have a browse through the #real-world-aviation category rules once you’re able to post there!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact @ moderators.

Stay safe!