What has been done with lights?

Hey guys good morning/afternoon or whatever.

I wanted to ask if someone has seen any news regarding dynamic lights???

It has been more than one year since devs announced the development of lighting for IF, but since then I haven’t seen any news or any updates in that area specifically. Can a dev be able to answer what’s been going on with lights??

My only complain is that I can’t believe that even cheapest sims have lights that actually work, like literally even Roblox has lights that actually work, and IF the biggest sim on mobile can’t??


Maybe I’m a bit impatient, I just haven’t seen anything regarding lights, and it’s in my opinion the feature that has to be implemented sooner than new planes or other things.

What’s the case of having reworked E-Jets or the new A380 if lights are pathetic as they are right now?

I’ll be happy to hear your opinion 👍


Have you looked at Project Metal? It has been paving the way to making lights. Also, there have been numerous feature requests for this, so make sure to vote for it there. IF staff members have already said that this is something they want to bring to Infinite Flight, so it will be added eventually. I hope this answers your question! :)

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You really got my hopes up for a second. I thought a new update had been pushed out that improves lighting.

Don’t do me dirty like that again :)


I don’t think anyone have ever said anything about it this specific?
The work going on behind the scenes (when we’re not fixing bugs right now) is what will enable to us to have such things.

To fly them? :)


Have you tried to flight at night with low visibility??

The aircraft lights are useless 😫

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Oh I 100% agree with you there. But the reworks aren’t all about that :)

We all do want better lighting! It’s very very much on our radar.


Thx for your answer ;)

My main question is if someone has seen any recent news about it??

Like idk, live streams, Instagram, or something?

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I don’t believe so.

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You’ve got any information available about that?

I’m just noticing no news about lights since the announcement of project metal.

It feels like everyone just forgot it.

I hope they suprise us by releasing in with the A380😂.


I don’t think that it has been forgotten. The IF team doesn’t, and is not required to tell us what they are working on, so this is probably being worked on behind the scenes.

😂😂😂 it’s quite annoying but oh well

Just to keep in mind that Infinite Flight was created way back in 2011/2012 and back then, technology wasn’t advanced as today. They decided to embark on project Metal/Vulkan probably at the end of December of 2019 and January 2020. It isn’t easy to rework a graphics engine (if it is the graphics engine) that has code that’s 10-12 years old. Things don’t magically work unfortunately, things take time and at some point in the future, there will be lights that illuminate. We will get lights whenever lights are ready.

For now, IF devs are working hard to make this happen.

Enjoy your day. :))

If you want more in-depth about Project metal, take a look at this blog post from January 2020


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