What happens with the Votes I give?

When does the votes I give to cool idea? Is their a date? Who decides what added? Does anyobody know?

It basically lets the devs know what people want implemented. However, more votes doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a feature is added.


It’s just a way to say “hey, l like this idea”. The devs may take this into consideration when deciding what to implement, but they don’t have to.

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Nice, I vote on a lot of things, good to know what happens to them!

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Be sure to take this into careful consideration. For example: before the crj update(s) came out, I had votes for other liveries and aircraft. Since I knew for certain the crj will be coming out soon, I moved votes to liveries for the crj as there might be a better chance of seeing those features implemented. Once they released some of the crj models, I moved my votes back, to other features.
Just be sure to ‘play’ your votes strategically :)



Thanks, and yes, I only vote on the things I’m certain I want in the game, like aircraft reworks and liveries

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Also if I’m not mistaken, your votes will be removed when a topic is closed. (Most of the time, confirmed for implementation.)

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Oh good to know, good if something closes and I use all my votes, I can get one back and restart the topic!

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If the top feature requests are anything to do with Airbus the devs ignore it 😂 a350,a330 and a340 reworks for example.

Well, if their are 1000 votes on say an A330 rework, witch is defiantly needed for a rework, it could happen!