What happens with the development team after a release like 21.8?

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I’m curious to know what the developers do after they are done making the minor fixes that are reported by the IFC after a large release like the A220? What I am asking is if they get at least a short break to rest and recharge before getting back to the next big project for Infinite Flight?

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I think they definitely have to as coding can be pretty hard and exhausting.

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They all get fired and replaced. The people you know as “Cam” and “Jason” are just personas who have been played by multiple people over the years… kinda like James Bond.


Normally, we go straight back to working on a mix of longer-running projects (ones that take more than a few update cycles to prepare) and whatever is planned for the next major release.

Now that it’s the holiday season, it is a little bit different than other major releases, and we all take some time off before the new year :)

Cam-played-by-Cam signing out.


good to know how you guys work

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