What happens with my grade when my subscription ends?

Hello. My pro subscription is soon ending, and I was wondering what will happen with my grade. I know that the grade will go down, but what about the total landings, xp and hours flown? Will it reset? I really don’t want to start over again grinding through those things.
Thanks in advance

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I’m almost certain that your data will not reset. From my experience, I once ran out on my sub, yet my data remained the same when I came back. The grade will drop with the total landing count/flight time per time period, but it should be quite easy to get back up. Hope this helps :)

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The only thing that will drop will be Landings per 90 days and flight time per 90 days. So the lowest grade you will drop to is grade 2 if you are away for long period of time, but both of these categories are very easy to get landings/time back so dont worry at all!

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Thank you for the help!

Just to add an official reply (thanks to those above!).

Your account stats will remain so your all time numbers will be there when you get Pro again or log in. It is just the time-sensitive stats that decline as they won’t be being added to.


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