What happens when you reach Grade 5?

Hey IFC. I’m very very close to reaching grade 5. However I keep thinking what happens after?
Like can I get a custom callsign, or do I get any perks or anything like that. I’m veryyyyyyy excited to be one of the few in the game at grade 5. Thanks IFC, safe landings!

Your name will just get green.

It will actually get sandy. Green is grade 4


Grade 1 is what you start off with, and you are granted access to casual server

Grade 2 grants you access to training server

Grade 3 grants you access to expert server

Grade 4 and grade 5 don’t give you anything more than grade 3 it’s just a ranking of your stats.

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You enter a secret group full of unicorns where we all can fly real fast above everyone else, leaving a rainbow trail behind us… Or you just get a ton of violations… one or the other.


I’ll give you a high five ✋

In all seriousness, it’s a great achievement, good luck!

Thanks! Expect a post soon about me reaching grade 5;)


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