What happens when you get ghosted?

@Amilga_Fariz_S, if you follow all ATC instructions and know “what command that is” you should be fine, no need to worry, Advanced ATC are nice, isn’t that right @anon66442947 ;-)

EDIT: It’s only the Peanuts that get salted then roasted (Get told off and Ghost Busted!!) ;-)


i love Advance server as well, but there are just some people with high xp that dont follow the rules in advance server. one time, there was a guy who taxing trough me when i was at the gate.

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If you see someone disobeying rules on Advanced or PG there is no ATC online (doesn’t matter on PG) report them. 3 reports = 1 ghost. Concerning your I initial question the others have answered it perfectly

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please, at 1630Z, someone can ghost me in advanced server, why i can take a screenshoot then post here (i hope i dont lose XP or standing with that) @Tyler_Shelton @Swang007

don’t tag them without reason, they cant ghost for fun its breaking the rules. Just land at an airport without checking in that would get you ghosted. You loose standing not xp

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ty all for answering my question!

I flew from Seattle to Portland. I contact approach. I requested approach to the runway, many times, but the ATC ignored me. Then I changed the frequenty to tower, and the ATC also ignored me. I had a feeling I was ghosted (I don’t know why). Approach went offline, and then tower went offline and after a few seconds tower was online and he responsed me!

So I was no ghosted! I’m still in grade 5.
Strange …

You will find that people misbehaving on advanced will get demoted to grade 2 (Advanced is for players who really know what they are doing)

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Sometimes aircraft are displayed as UNK (Unknown) amd we aren’t able to give commands. If this happens we just let you proceed but if you interfere with regular traffic you get ghosted. The controller will then tell Tsler about it so he can undo the ghost.

Maybe that happened.


Oke maybe that was. Thank you!

The action that is taken when you are ghosted goes like this, you will be demoted back to grade 2 and a violation will be added to your profile details on that account. You are actually suspended from the advance server for 24 hours but during those 24 hours you may need to complete 1 or 2 flights. :)

The world explodes. Yes, that’s the rough truth.


Is all crap I was in advanced server holding short runaway 2, Tower give permission to line up.and wait i enter de run way lining up and wait and wait to tower give take off clearance and suddenly a plane just landing and tower ghosted me back to grade 2 is unfair if they make mistakes why not ghosted them as well I think they are people they do that ghosted pilots just for fun so my opinion is if they are rules to fly so put rules as well and control de atc advanced server thank you


Check this page out, it will help you :)

PM an ATC supervisor if you want to discuss it and ask if they can take the ghost

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What airport and what was your call sign ? // Supervisor

I’m not sure if it is a ghosting or what, but on multiple occasions, after contacting ATC, the headset will flash, indicating a reply, and when I tap it to reply, I find myself completely out of the game, back on my iPad homepage. What happened?

Probwbly your game crashed. When you are ghosted a red message appears at the top of your screen saying you were reported by users for inappropriate conduct or something. Then you become invisible to everyone and have to wait the punishment period to regain your status as an expert flyer