What happens when you fly outside a region?

Well I will tell you. I was doing some cargo flying around the Hawaii Islands for FEDEX. At the end of my tour I decided it was time to fly back to the main land. I plotted a course from PHKO to KLAX on a Bearing of 084 and setup for the furthest fix SESAW on this region. I climbed to 1400 feet set auto pilot and waited in anticipation as to what was to come. After clearing the SESAW fix I could feel my heart racing. What is going to happen? Is the plane going to explode? With I be told that I am leaving the area? Will the flight just end? Will I find myself flying back into the region on the other side? I still see water below me and sky above me. I looked at the map, I am now outside the region and still flying. How far can I go? Will it be Infinite? If I keep going what will happen when I reach the next region? Will it stop and load the next region? That would be nice. But no, your engine shuts down and you begin to loose airspeed and altitude. Well anyway, flying from Hawaii to the main land was to long for me to fly in one day and I have to go back to work. It would be nice if you could keep flying and when you reach where the next region is it stops and reloads the next region where you enter it. Oh well it interesting trying anyway.
With all the speculations out there. It is beginning to sound to me like Global will only be for subscription and live users. Solo users will only be able to fly in the region that they already have. So I guess I should be just happy with what I got and have fun flying. Because although it isn’t fair to those of us who only like fly solo with no subscription. Infinite Flight is still and will always be the best real flight simulator for mobile devices out there for me.
Happy Flying to all of you, live and solo alike.


The point of this is…


I think just the engines’ power will shut down automatically forcing you to return to the region.

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By reading this, I feel like I just wasted two minutes of my life that i’ll never get back!


Do not leave regions until global is out for the public.