What happens when you cross the South Pole?

Decided to take an interesting route over the isolated continent of Antartica. Departed from SAWG and arrived at RPLL. Rather than going direct which would’ve taken me away from the actual south pole, I chose to add in the fix 9000S/45E. This would take me directly over the south pole.

The route was SAWG 9000S/45E RPLL. Anything with 9000S/45E will take you over the south pole. As dark as the video is, this was taken at 12 in the afternoon. Goes to show how much light or lack thereof is down there.

Anyways, you’ll notice on-course heading to the south pole was 142 degrees. You’ll see it start to increase to 150+. I think due to how the replay logs the northerly heading upon this crossing was messed up and ultimately said that I was flying 150 (while in reverse) when in-fact I was flying 330.

This can be backed up by the change in wind direction as well. The wind vector will show you that I went from a headwind to a tailwind.

Below are pictures of the fix over the south pole and the route in its entirety.


  • Route: SAWG 9000S/45E RPLL
  • Length: 8580nm
  • Time: 18hrs 25mins
  • Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Infinite Flight Livery
  • Cruise speed: M.86
  • Cruise Alts: FL350 (First 3 hrs), FL370 (12hrs), FL390 (3hrs) Descent 30mins out.

Yes, I realize this category shouldn’t have any of the user interface gadgets, but in order to show how neat this crossing is, I kept them in.


Interesting Corvette you got there, @DeerCrusher

All jokes aside, this is really interesting. I’ll try it out for myself soon.

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Lol. Not mine. Its a close friend of mine out in California.


I saw you on liveflight this morning, about 6 hours ago!
Your flight path looked REALLY strange, crossing the south pole.

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Wow… that’s interesting!


Super neat! I rewatched it like 5 times. I have to try this!! 😜

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Wow! An interesting flight you did here @DeerCrusher!

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I was able to do some flying over the South pole as well


When DeerCrusher locks his own post because it doesn’t follow the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines…

Jokes aside, cool post! I think it’s crazy that you went that far.


Alright. Topic all cleaned up. Carry on. 😂

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Great video! Never flown there before, I should try it.

Congrats on 93 subs

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pretends like nothing happened

Well, awesome flight mate! Must have been a great experience flying above the south poll!

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Now I just need to do a flight over the North Pole.


You can find Ginger Santa there 🎅


Very interesting! I’d love to try tat out one day!

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