What happens when you complete Atari? [SPOILER]

So… Lots of people wonder 'what happens when I complete the Atari game on the A350?

Well this video, I put to 8 times speed, overlayed some random music which could’ve been better but is decent, and didn’t pay for a subscription to Kinemaster so we have that lovely watermark at the top right. Here’s the video folks:

So if you’ve watched it, I had a few a annoying glitches where the ball gets stuck, but this is a flight simulator with in flight entertainment so I can’t complain. The main trick is to get the ball stuck up inside to bounce around there. Sometimes the ball started going too fast I lost control 😂. So, my time was 108.0 seconds, what’s yours going to be?

Should there be a (moderator approved) thread for time records?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also wasnt sure whether to label this as #screenshots-and-videos or #general 🤷‍♂️.


Nice! Looks like it could be a fun challenge…

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I complete it


I know 😅. As in could be a little competition some time.