What happens when I collide with another plane?

Guys I’m new to the multilayer and to your lovely community.
I just wanna know what happens if I hit another plane while taxing or in the air
And what will happen if I don’t do what the ATC tower tells me
Thank for the help :)


Test it out:)


You’ll go straight through it.

On Training, nothing. On Expert, you may get ghosted, which will mean no planes/ATC will see you and you won’t be able to contact ATC. After your flight you’ll be banned for 7 days from Expert, and longer if it happens again.

So follow instructions :)



Hi and welcome to the community… if you hit another plane in live, you just pass through it and nothing happens.

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All planes are “ghosts”, they have no physical boundries. Collisions only net a “pass through”. Think Casper the Ghost

Ignoring any ATC is frowned upon. Depending on the server you can and will get Ghosted on the Expert Server. TS1 you can get Reported by other users, but no real power is held by anybody on Training Servers

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Hello and welcome to this community! If you hit another plane while taxiing or in the air, It’s okay as long as this happen in TS1 or Casual, If it’s Expert, you will be ghosted. However, Please refrain from hitting another plane even if you don’t get ghosted ;)

If you don’t do what the ATC instructs you, It may be okay at Training Server 1, Though like Mr. @IceBlue said, If you’re on Expert, You will be ghosted by the ATC and you can’t join the Expert server for a certain time.


If someone doesn’t want to listen to ATC commands for whatever their reasons may be, please don’t be on the expert server.

and don’t be on the Training Server either! That is for people who are learning how to fly correctly and learn how to be ATC so please respect that! If you want to crash into others or take no notice of instructions, that is what the Free Flight Server is all about!

On the training server id 3 users report you (either for crashing through them, line jumping at runways or disobeying ATC etc) then you will be ghosted as well!

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This comment has probably scarred him for a good 3 months.

@Raadomar It’s not that serious. Just follow instructions on Expert server, and nothing bad will happen to you. :)

This is the question:

This is the answer:

This does not answer OPs question:

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I was just saying. I know you’re just stating facts, but that fact would’ve shook me up a little. Lol

There’s an unknown to the question. I think some are reading it as “what will happen when I don’t follow ATC commands because I just don’t want to”, compared to “what will happen if I accidentally do something outside of the ATC command”. If someone wants to deliberately disobey then @IceBlue 'a response is most appropriate. Otherwise @FlyFi covers it just fine with follow instructions and everyone will be fine.

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I don’t think training server is okay too. Well it’s not forbidden but you still don’t want to do it. It’s still training sever, many people want to fly properly there also, but some just want to go nuts.

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Actually 3 days.

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