What happens Update during FR

Hey everybody,

I had a question:
Lets say I’m flying the A388 somewhere and during my flight theres an Update.

Lets say, I qualify for Flight Resume and quit the App, download the Update and restart the App

What happens to my flight?
Will it be discontinued?
Will I continue flying the old pre-update A388?

Or will it jump to the updated version?

What happens if IF removes that livery?

Sooooo many questions.

Thanks everybody


That’s a great question! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what would happen, but logically, the aircraft should remain in its previous version until you update it. For example, if you paused the flight, performed the update, and then resumed the flight, the aircraft should transition to the new quality without any impact on the ongoing gameplay.

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It will continue with the new version since the old version won’t exist anymore but they still have same “internal ID” :)


I think that the A380 will jump to an white “generic” livery

Different livery is actually a good question… feels like that’s a scenario that might not have been considered.

Let me get back to you on that.


Actually a very interesting question, I wonder how this works on a more technical scale.


On the aircraft level it should be fine since they have the same ID.
Liveries however… not sure about that so I’ve asked internally.


Will it takw longer to load back up again since it will be reworked, including a live cockpit with different views etc…?

Honestly you should be one of the people to test out this theory and let us know how it goes lol

I would start a flight on the CS and resume it post update just to test. Pretty sure I won’t use the CS in a while.

I’ll see if I can do a quick test.

I did a quick test.
In IF 24.1 I started a flight in the Emirates A380 and made sure the flight could be resumed.
After upgrading to 24.2, the flight could be resumed without issues and the A380 was wearing the new Emirates colors.

In other cases the aircraft might end up with the generic livery. :)


Thanks. Thats awesome. Good to know :)

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And I tried using a livery that will not be in 24.2
It worked equally as good but I spawned with a generic livery.


If this happens then you will be the first guy to takeoff with the older version and land with the new one

This is a real good interesting question

I’m not sure if i will be the only guy.
I can picture a few people flying the A388 tonight.

Thats actually a realy good questions 😁

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Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

We gonna have pink A380