What happens to my aircraft when the app crashes?

Recently I was in the middle of a LH flight at cruise altitude with autopilot engaged.

At that point the app crashed, I believe this was some sort of hardware issue as the iPad power cycled after that.

When restarting IF I got back to the normal start screen.

I have some questions about this.

  1. For how long after an app crash or device disconnects does the aircraft remain in flight on the live server?

  2. It’s not possible to resume flying that aircraft after recovering from app crash correct?

  3. are the XP, hours flown and landings earned before the app crashes counted or are they only credited when “end flight” is selected?

Thank you in advance for any information.


If the app crashes you’re removed from the live network.

No once you disconnect you’ll have to restart your device.

The XP is rolling and gets added on during flight. Landings is the same, it’s all added when you do it and not when you hit “End flight”.

If you keep having app crashes i suggest going here and go down to the one that says “What do i do if i keep having app crashes or lag”


I’ve had that happen to me many times haha:)

Thanks for the advise.

Do you know if the possibility of a resume function has ever been discussed as a feature?

I’ve tried searching but perhaps not using the right terminology.

No but i believe @schyllberg has given a reason for why that hasn’t been implemented, not sure… Cannot really speak on something i don’t know much about at all, so maybe Seb or another mod or staff member can give you a much better explanation🙂

It’s very disruptive to ULH, in all fairness I have experience this only once in over 15 10+ hour flights.

That makes this one of the most robust apps I run.

Once the session is ended either on purpose or not, it cannot be resumed. 1) Its not coded that way 2) it would cause absolute chaos if ATC was present to see a plan appear on a 3 mile final for no reason. Maybe in the future there would be a resume function but for now at least your progress is captured.


And if the crashes become more frequent and you tried the steps in the #support post i’ve tag above, make a #support thread (Ticket) And the right people will be able to assist

Thanks @Alphadog4646

I often follow such process as a matter of practice.

My ULH routine is:

Create FPL using simbrief, copy to notes
Shut down all apps (force quit)
Restart iPad

Copy FPL from notes
Start IF
Do ULH flight without ever minimizing IF

I did not turn the graphics down as I’m running this on a second gen iPad Pro which should be able to handle. Plus we have beautiful scenery to look at :)

Here’s an idea… Turn your graphics down when you get to cruise… You’re not going to stare at the screen for 10+ hours so save your battery, save your RAM space and that’ll probably prevent further crashes… You can have max settings when on approach or takeoff but it’s kinda useless at cruise… Especially if you’re doing long haul🙂

Great thought! It would save RAM for sure!

Note: I think That when your inactive (crashes) and you come back it A:Exits you B: Says inactive for too long so you can still fly but it’s like your ghosted

You can’t continue to do a flight if your app crashes. For whatever reason. No need for speculation when the OP has received the proper answers, about the servers from a Mod🙂 As both your answer are in-correct. If your app crashes you are removed from the server and the device closes the app. If you put IF in the background and go do something on another app you may be able to still fly, but i don’t think anything will count until you connect back to the live server and in many cases if you exit the app for too long you won’t reconnect and after about 30-40 minutes of being disconnected from the live server the game will automatically close.

We have gone in circles and plenty of answers given. Bottom line is that the device restarting is typically due to a lack of resources. Lower graphics settings, stop other apps from running in the background (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc).