What happens to a cat sitting at the airport and did not move

International Ukrainian plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel plane landed and Taxi Terminal 3 and Cat blocked the gate no but to no avail
Link has recommended to watch video


lol thats funny

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Jet Cat difference just a few hundred tonnes


Run the bloody thing over!


So they couldnโ€™t just pick up and move said cat?


they did. in the last photo

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Lol why is it an Ukraine International at LLBG again hahaha this is soo hilarious

Itโ€™s a good question that Ukraine is very important company she LLBG

Yeaโ€ฆ I meant to refer to the previous Ukraine 737 incident together with thisโ€ฆ :P

Yes, but at the end of which Ben-Gurion Airport was declared the safest and the next month 40 airport security experts will Israel learn from Israel

Ah yes the exerciseโ€ฆ They stop humans but catsโ€ฆ hahaha thatโ€™s why this is hilarious!

A good joke terrorists fly but not cat

Yea but still I wish the best for Israel <3

It would be a bit hard yesterday was an attack in Tel Aviv 4 killed in front of the place and it was sitting IDF Command

Yes I heard of that, my condolencesโ€ฆ

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Thanks for all the people of Israel

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The last time a Ukrainian and even Ben Gurion Airport

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Yeapโ€ฆ Hope Ukrainian International will stop being plagued by problems :P