What happens in Vegas gets shared in a spotting topic!

Hey everyone! Over the summer I had a bit of time to spend at Las Vegas McCarran International! I also spent most of my time at Red Flag at Nellis AFB but that spotting topic will come later.

Golden Hour Cargo: In ATL we don’t get a whole ton of cargo operations with good lighting so when I saw these two 767’s I was super excited! This was also my first time photographing a UPS aircraft!

The Max is Back: I’m beyond excited that the Max is back! Here’s a Southwest Max climbing out during golden hour and the first United Max that I’ve caught! Unfortunately not the new livery but still a great looking aircraft!

Delta 757-200: This golden hour lighting was too good to pass up on photographing this Delta 757, even though I’ve got hundred of pictures of them!

Microburst 787-9: I was so excited to catch this 787-9 depart but unfortunately the winds were so strong from the microburst that was occurring that this was the only photo I ended up with

Fresh from the Factory: Sonny The Lemon Shark, Frontier’s newest A320neo can be seen here on its fourth day of commercial service! I do believe I was the first to photograph this aircraft I just didn’t care enough to upload this one to JetPhotos.

Fresh outta Quarantine: Here you can see the Alaska Disneyland 737-900 right after landing on its very first revenue flight since the pandemic. The aircraft flew out of storage the previous morning, got a bit of maintenance in Seattle, and made its first flight back down to Las Vegas!

J.A.N.E.T: Finally, the goal catch for my trip, JANET Airways. Nobody really knows to much about this airline but I do know that this flight had arrived from the Tonopah Testing Range!

Thanks for checking out my spotting topic! As always, none of my photos are free to use and you must contact me to use them!

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The fact that I was also spotting at the same time as you 👀

You can actually expect me to post a spotting topic today too with a couple of the same aircraft in your photos. Forgot to mention the epic shots you have!

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Thank you! What spot were you at? Must have just missed you! We were in the parking garage! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your topic!

I was not in the airport, down at the Jack n the Box near the LV Sign.

I did catch the 739 AK Disneyland and a few others after heading to the hotel at the end of 19.


Love the shots of the JANET plane. I was lucky enough to be on the same frequency with them one time and it felt like I was meeting a celebrity.

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I can imagine! Thanks!

Gotcha. Hopefully we can spot together the next time I’m out there

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